Ko smo ukinili Facebook povezave na uporabniškem strežniku je bila določena nejevolja in spraševanje, če delamo prav. A nekaj mi ni dalo miru...

Danes berem tole:

Facebook is walking another precarious road with how it sells to its large, longtime advertisers. Facebook was once content to target based on data it collects directly from users and to get paid mainly when users click ads. It is rapidly evolving into a nexus where information about things you do far from Facebook, both online and offline, comes together with advertising that is often bought and customized in the blink of an eye through instant-bidding platforms like Facebook Exchange. Facebook can now select an ad based on what you’ve bought in the grocery store, where else you’ve been on the web, and even what you’ve been searching for on other sites.

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Ne rečem, da je bilo težko predvideti :-)

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