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št. remarka Modul Novost/izboljšava/popravek
56534 HERMES (BLAGO)                                     Narejen je postopek za razmnoževanje podatkov med artikli. Z miško se postaviš na grid, kjer se vnaša embalaža in Klikneš na desni gumb miške. Odpre se dodatna forma, kjer izbereš, kaj prenašaš in na katere idnete prenašaš. Za nabor identov se uporabi forma za iskanje identov (CTRL+F).
56560 HERMES (BLAGO)                                     Na šifrant embalaže dodana možnost prenosa z WEB service-a.
56956 HERMES (BLAGO)                                     Na šifrant tipov odpadnega materiala dodana možnost prenosa šifranta iz WEB service-a.
56535 HERMES (BLAGO)                                     V šifrant klasifikacij dodan podpanel Embalaža/odpadna embalaža (kot je v šifrantu identov). Dodana je tudi možnost razmnoževanja teh podatkov na idente te klasifikacije.
57087 HERMES (BLAGO)                                     Iskanje stanja na dokumentu za inventure za embalažo (v šifrantu vD je označeno, da je inventura za embalažo) je omejeno samo na idente, ki imajo v šifrantu VD oznako "Je embalaža".
57089 HERMES (BLAGO)                                     Na izpisu 2QF omogočen detajlni pogled na količine na izpisu. S klikom na številko na izpisu se odpre pregled materialnih prometov.
57090 HERMES (BLAGO)                                     Na dokumente dodan tab Embalaža.
57095 HERMES (BLAGO)                                     Uvoz podatkov o embalaži iz XLS datoteke.
54377 DEMETER (FINANCE)                                  Ločena nastavitev za knjiženje po kontih iz šifranta subjektov za POS račune

Obstoječa nastavitev za izdane račune je bila razdeljena na nastavitev za POS račune in izdane veleprodajne račune.
56867 PANTHEON COMMON                                    Poslovni procesi (WF): na formi opravil dodana možnost filtriranja opravil glede na znesek za plačilo (znesek od - znesek do).
57178 PANTHEON COMMON                                    1. Adding new package integrates to viewer
2. Correction of adding or changing document types for mailboxes
57193 PANTHEON COMMON                                    DMS: ko je račun poslan v dokumentacijo in je forma dokumentacije že odprta, se prikaz dokumentov osveži takoj.
52950 FA_Winecellar                                      With newly added "Other tasks" we covered all other possible tasks which are not already predicted tasks.
54605 FA_General                                         Update of Resource type groups and resource types with machinery

New tab Equipment is added in Agriculture holding within Agriculture machinery. Within Equipment tolls and devices which are not Active machine ( with own power) or implements could be recorded ( etc. electic fence, Blowers, ..), but we need monitor them as resource as workers could be assigned to it. also Resource codebooks was updated according to res. types and res. type groups.
55601 FA_Crop                                            Separating dataset navigator and dataset form

Speed optimization when searching by navigator.
56519 FA_Winecellar                                      On Labeling task we enapbled changing the wine. Now, it is possible to have bottled wine as semi-product and after labeling another finished product.
56630 FA_Integrations                                    Map Component

The map component, which is from now on also implemented inside Agricultural Holding - Field section,  allows drawing and editing shape of fields. We added also all standard features: drawing holes inside polygons, adding parts in order to get multi parts polygons, deleting shapes, editing individual vertexes, snapping to near features and copying as well deleting fields inside map window.
56636 FA_Winecellar                                      Previously we had on various places different terminology regarding tasks. Now we have the same terminology on Administrative Panel, on navigator and on task titles
56641 FA_Crop                                            Change of EM form functional operating

Adding new button for creating New Expert model enables that not all idents with primary category CROP (for module Crops&Vegs) or with primary category GRS (for modul GRASS) are not recorded as expert model, but only those created through button New expert model.
56859 FA_Crop                                            Additional filters to sort data in Task input form

Within Task input form additional filters for search by product or individual work order are added.
56939 FA_Crop                                            Proposals for changes hierarchy of resources  EM/WO/Plan

in order of optimization process a New display and possibility to enter/select resource is launched: data about all assigned parent and child resourcesl are always displayed  (not hidden within Tabs).It is enabled:  i) adding resource type by drag&drop from resource codebooks, ii) adding individual resources and search them via res. type filter, iii) drag&drop of child resources only onto parent resources. Material could be added onto parent resource with tab Group by resource; SUMarized values are dispalyed in tab Group by material.
57070 FA_Winecellar                                      On wine analysis we added certain parameters like: sugar content in most, malic acid content, CO2 content, ...
57071 FA_Winecellar                                      On graphic view of Wine module we changed titles on container. Now wine name is printed, the name of the container, and on volume inscription there is graphic overview added which shows container fullfiment
57085 FA_Crop                                            Refreshing assigned task in tab Products if inserted new task on tab Tasks

When task is already assigned to By product and additional tasks are inserted or deleted a refresh of assigned task for byproduct is done.
57091 FA_Crop                                            Correction of CA display by deleting gantt event.

When deleting of event on gannt was done in samo cases a Crop area base ( time line on gantt) disappeared - correction was made.
57092 FA_Crop                                            Changing plan order results in no additional created positions in grid

When plan order is changed in grid or by right- click on gantt it is replaced on to the same position on grid.
57096 FA_Crop                                            Correction of gantt event display after Move

Correction of moving event on gantt chart ( left, right) was made in order to display correct event display.
57120 FA_Crop                                            Refresh button & refreshing  progress bar & Adjust Select Task

Correction of selecting taskś checkmark and immediately refreshing progress bar was made. In order to up-date data in Mass input completed work when editing data within work orders form was done.
57175 FA_Winecellar                                      When there are grapes with serial, we enabled posibility of adding such grape to Wine module. In previous versions serial was not included.
57180 FA_Winecellar                                      Fixed bug on Upgrade
57184 FA_Winecellar                                      - New report for done tasks on particular oil
- Add Task history report to Oil report list
57185 FA_Winecellar                                      Report design is changed. Added year of the wine on the report, fixed bugs
57223 FA_Winecellar                                      On report page, filter is done in fashion that after wine is picked only wine with serial for picked wine is shown.



  • Izšla je nova različica programa PANTHEON

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