Dear PANTHEON users.

PANTHEON X version has been released!


Module Type News Localization Remark
Ares/SQL-I (Development Environment)               Improvement ARES

New ARES registration of LookupSetDisplayValue.
ALL 61136
Ares/SQL-I (Development Environment)               Improvement ARES registration: TcxSchedulerEventEditorForm ALL 62626
DEMETER (Financial)                                  Improvement Reminders reports

Until now, all periods were always included in the 1AD report. In document types, a new setting is available which enables to exclude certain periods from the 1AD report.
ALL 61505
DEMETER (Financial)                                  Improvement Loans and Leases - Custom import from MS Excel

Custom import of loans and leases from Excel is now enabled.
ALL 61532
DEMETER (Financial)                                  Change New filter for collecting candidates on Reminders

On Reminders, you can now only select candidates in the local currency (when LCY selected) or in a selected foreign currency (when FCY selected).
ALL 61985
DEMETER (Financial)                                  Improvement New filter on outstanding items

On outstanding items, you now have a new possibility to filter payments by Payment date.
ALL 62105
DEMETER (Financial)                                  Improvement Fixed assets inventory

In fixed assets inventory, a new wizard for transferring was added. The wizard will not only copy the location to the fixed assets register, it will also fill in the fields department and cost center from the location codebook.
ALL 62210
DEMETER (Financial)                                  Improvement Loans and Leases - Payment Order wizard

If a document is entered in the foreign currency, a new option is available when creating payment orders. It is now possible to create a payment order in the local currency according to a selected exchange rate.
ALL 62270
DEMETER (Financial)                                  Improvement Loans and Leases

We added a new possibility for manual corrections and recalculations of Installment amount, Interest amount or Repayment amount within installment line.
ALL 62307
DEMETER (Financial)                                  Improvement Fixed assets reports - Multiple locations

Multiple location search is enabled on reports 222, 223, 280, 281, 22E, 320 and 33D.
ALL 62572
DEMETER (Financial)                                  Improvement Reposting in LT version

We made an improvement on reposting documents in the LT version. When a document is changed, reposting is done automatically.
ALL 62715
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Improvement Refactoring of WO issue/receiving

In build 2200, a refactoring of issuing and receiving for SE and MF manufacturing was made. The calls of main procedures have not changed. If you have any custom procedures in the issuing and/or receiving process, you will need to change or adjust them.

Please, also notice the following:
• If you create a temp table #lhf_WOListEx before the MF manufacturing post call, you will get all documents and document types that were created and returned.
• In MF production, the acExternalKey field has been added in which the external transfer ID can be written - the data is written in the table tHF_LinkMoveWOEx.
• Procedures for mass entry of goods documents and lines were developed for the needs of the refactoring.

Please check if the procedure gives you the correct result before using it in production. Procedures have been tested with the AT system, but errors could potentially be found.
ALL 61513
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Improvement Refactoring product specification

In product specification, bigger changes were implemented.
The management of alternates has been changed (Insert, Edit and Delete). The alternate tab was removed. All manipulations with alternates are now possible through the product specification tree structure by right-clicking (Insert, Delete) or with positioning on the alternate.
On the main product, the user can choose between all alternate or only active alternate components in the product specification.
Product specification procedures were optimised and improved. The performance of product specification is much faster.
ALL 61853
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Improvement Print resources by Department and Cost Center

On the resource printout, we added two additional selection criteria: Department and Cost Center.
ALL 62082
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Improvement Search by alternate on product specification

On the product specification, we enabled search by alternates. The filtering on the product specification is now possible by alternates.
ALL 62360
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Improvement Custom call in pHF_SpcsMassChgBscPrepare

Custom call was added in pHF_SpcsMassChgBscPrepare.
ALL 62427
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Improvement Database quantity value in commercial specification

The quantity on the commercial specification is rounded. Unrounded database quantity value can be seen in insert mode in the position of the commercial specification component.
ALL 62574
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Improvement Removed control

The control for active items in SE on the form for transferring sales orders to WO was removed when transferring to manufacturing.
ALL 62584
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Improvement Custom call in pHF_PrStPreCalcGetPrice

A custom call was added in pHF_PrStPreCalcGetPrice.
ALL 62591
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Improvement Cost estimation improvements

In Cost estimation, we renewed the results area. The results can now be easily filtered by levels by clicking on the 'Level' button. We marked the products and their components with icons.
ALL 62596
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Improvement Resizable WO details window

The size of the work order details window can be adjusted by a simple drag and drop action.
ALL 62638
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Improvement Direct change of quantity on Transfer Sales Order to WO form

The quantity for transfer to WO can now be changed directly on the Transfer Sales Order to WO form and adjusted according to your needs before creating WOs.
ALL 62660
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Improvement Improved import of an Excel file in commercial specification

The form for import in commercial specification was improved with the possibility to fill in missing data like VAT Code, UM etc.
At import, the value acVATCode will be inserted in acVATCodeReceive and acVATCodeLow.
ALL 62661
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Improvement On 'Add' tab on the 'Change Components and Resources' form, additional criteria added         

On the 'Add' tab on the 'Change Components and Resources' form, additional filtering criteria were added in Component criteria (Regulation, Item, Name, Item type, Prim. Cat, Set. Cat, Resource, Tool, Small Tool).
ALL 62663
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Bug Added Parent ID to WO in case of phantom semi-products in specification       

There is an improved dependency link with the parent WO in case of a phantom semi-product in the Specification.
ALL 62679
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Improvement New filter criteria in dynamic filter option

In the dynamic filter option, two new filter criteria were added: 'Work Order from', 'Work Order to'.
ALL 62735
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Bug Added Parent ID to WO in case of creating WO from plan based on sales orders

There is an improved dependency link with the parent WO in case of creating a WO from a plan based on sales orders.
ALL 62754
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Improvement Value in vHF_SBOMSetsItem

Value anOld was included in vHF_SBOMSetsItem.
ALL 62819
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Daily allowance

We added new values of daily allowance for travelling abroad, which are valid from 1 January 2021.
SI  60039
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Public Holidays for 2021

Public Holidays for 2021 are now available for localizations on web services. 
ALL 60046
HERA (HRM)                                         Change 2021 minimum wage change

The web servers now include the change of basic amount for minimum wage Fa15:
-  for disbursements from 1 January 2021 to 28 February 2021 onto 1,052.30 EUR (60% of average annual wage of employees in Slovenia, calculated per month, which for 2019 makes 1,753.84 EUR).
SI  60048
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Added messages on summary reports

On summary reports, there are added accompanying control messages for RAD-1G form.
HR  60372
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Daily allowance for MK travel orders

We added automatic calculation of daily allowance for trips inside the country and abroad for MK localization.
MK  60585
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Daily allowance for BA travel orders

We added automatic calculation of daily allowance for trips inside the country and abroad for BA localization.
BA  61219
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement ODO-1 XML export

We aded an option for .XML export for ODO-1 form.
SI  61443
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement New report for temporary employment

A new report 39L was added for employees who work in temporary employment; also, it is possible to select the reason for that. 
SI  61693
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Multiselect in Absence and Payroll preparation

It is now possible to select multiple items at once for:
1. New absence > Multiselect for employees; 
2. Delete absence > Multiselect for employees and earning type;
3. Payroll preparation wizard | Delete all > Multiselect for earning types.
ALL 61694
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Transfer of contributions between companies

When transferring from the Municipality - Contributions, the missing data are also transferred to the other database - Subject and Period.
ALL 61750
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Phase M in payroll reports

The display of phase M on payroll recapitulations has been changed. It is now shown in the same way as phase L.
ALL 61773
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Title 2 for Creditors on payroll slips

In the Administration Panel, there is an added option for payroll slips 'Display title2 for creditors' (for deductions and loans).
ALL 61933
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Change in calculating the length of service of a shorter period

Part-time days <1 are taken into account in the total recalculation of the lenght of service. For example, if two positions in the calculation of part-time work of 0.5 days remain, then the rounding after the new calculation will be a total of 1 day more.
SI  61942
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement New report for reliefs

In Employee files, a new report '3F9 - Olakšice' (Reliefs) is available to show tax reliefs depending on the data in the 'Relief' panel. 
HR  61943
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Import from xls

When importing earning types with wizard import from xls, the recipient's account is also added/transferred to payroll preparation.
ALL 61970
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Foreign transactions - Splitting costs

An option is added to create several travel orders for travelling abroad on the principle of splitting local transactions for a certain number of costs.
HR  62004
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Proportional leave

The calculation of proportional leave is changed when there are several contracts in one year (separation by positions) and for leaving the company and returning.
There is also an option of annual leave decision report only after the last entry into the copmany.
HR  62133
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement IRIS 3349 employee and earning type information

IRIS 3349 now also gives the user information about the exact employee and earning type where the error is found.
ALL 62239
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement 1002 report

There is a change in reporting form 1002 in case of subunits in a company.
BA  62495
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Employment records

In the employment record '3DJ - Evidencija o radnom vremenu radnika' (Employee working hours records), the calculation of breaks is changed and the overview improved. 
HR  62712
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement IRIS 1000001034

When posting payroll, a control is added to the validity of chart of accounts. If the account is not in the valid chart of accounts during the posting period, PANTHEON prevents posting and reports IRIS message 1000001034.
ALL 62726
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Earning types change

There were legal changes on earning types with codes 22, 63, 65 and 60. Phase M was changed to phase L and the code for a protected bank account from 3 to 1; i.e. there was a change that the payment goes entirely to the protected account.
HR  62734
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement 2021 average salary for HR

Data on HR average salary (including tax rates changes, max. MIO GOD) and national holidays for 2021 can be downloaded from the webservice.
HR  62800
HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Added reason for absence due to cohousing (SI legislatin change)

In line with Slovenian legislation change (!ut/p/z1/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfIjo8zivTxNDTy8gg183cPcDA0CfVzcTDwN3YwNAkz0C7IdFQG7Q-3R/) a new reason was added for absence from work: 14 - Cohousing.
SI  62828
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement Multi-select items on Reports of Invoices Received/Issued

In the criteria of Reports of Invoices Received/Issued, the 'Item' field is set as multi-check. Therefore, more items can be chosen.
ALL 61437
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement Order validity defined at Subject

There is a new field in the Subject Register, called 'Order validity'. The field can be filled with numbers in the max. length of 3 characters. You can find the field both in the 'Customer' menu and in the Supplier menu, to differentiate either sales and purchase orders.
By default, the field is empty. If the field is defined with a number, then it represents the number of days set on Sales/Purchase Orders for this subject. If the field is empty, then the Order validity is set from the Administration panel | Settings | Orders | Order validity.
ALL 61570
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement New report Material Requirements - with Stock

On the Sales Order Report, a new report is added: Material Requirements with Stock. The report is made based on report 099 - Material requirements, but now, there is also data about the stock of items. The data about stock is taken from the Items Register | Stock, the sum of stock for all warehouses.
If the checkbox 'Search Stock in Primary Warehouse' in the criteria is checked, then the data for stock only shows primary warehouse.
If the user wants to check stock for items from the specification of another item, then it is required that the checkbox 'Specification Items' in the criteria on report is checked.
ALL 61571
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement New parameter in Subject Register | Warehouse

In the Subject Register on the 'Warehouse' tab, a new parameter called 'Available Stock' is added. If this parameter is set ON, the warehouse is considered in available stock. If this parameter is set OFF, the warehouse is not considered in available stock.
ALL 61811
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement QR code on fiscalized invoice

From 1 January 2021 onwards, it is mandatory by law to include a QR code on fiscalized invoices.
HR  61880
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement RPO / PDO - Corrections - Subject

On RPO and PDO account, on the 'Corrections' tab, a new column is added: Subject.
SI  61906
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement New VAT tax type - Distant Sales to End-Buyer

There is a new VAT type for sales to the end-buyer inside the EU with a calculated VAT.
HR  61919
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement HR Intrastat: Changes from 1 January 2021 in PA forms, reports, and XML files

1. We have added two new fields for trade flow (Intrastat for issued invoices):

1.1 VAT Number of the recipient/purchaser of the goods (field 9): Currently in PA, the Intrastat Dispatch form contains information about the consecutive number in field 9, whereas that information should be in field 8. We have added field 9 to reports 2VX, Intrastat Dispatch, and 2VY, Intrastat Receiving. The field is not filled in in report 2VY, while report 2VX gets data from 2 sources: acVATCodePrefix and acCode from the Subjects register. The field is limited to 14 alphanumeric characters.

1.2 Country of Origin (field 16): Although the field had already existed in the form and report, it has now become mandatory information, filled in from the field 'Origin' (acOrigin) in the issue document for EU. From the Country register, the information from acIntrastatCode is taken  for acOrigin.

2. From 1 January 2021, the information from the field 'Statistical Value' is no longer shown in the XML for the Intrastat documents for dispatch and receiving.
HR  61923
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement Inventory Count Sheet - Date Due of Ser. Number

On the inventory count sheet (report 27W), a new column is added: 'Due date of serial number'.
ALL 62076
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement Issue Invoices Report - Ad-Hoc Analyses

On the form for Invoices Issued Reports, we have added Ad-Hoc analyses. There is a new button available at the bottom of the criteria.
ALL 62107
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement New criteria on the Current Stock report: Tax type

We have added a new criteria on the Current Stock report: Tax type. This field enables to select several tax types from the Tax types Register. The report shows data regarding the Tax type from the Items Register | General.
ALL 62191
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement EE waste management report - in tons

In accordance with changes in Croatian legislation, the EE waste management reports 2QG and 2QH will no longer show information about mass in kilograms but in tons.
HR  62289
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement Deleting document when link to DMS is made

When a document is linked to DMS, there is a possibility to edit or delete the line of linked document.
ALL 62305
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement New report in Goods reports - By Items Descending

On Invoices Issued Report and Invoices Received Report, new reports are added. In the group 'Summary by items', a new report is added: Summary by items - Descending (2CH on IIR and 2CI on IRR).
ALL 62506
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement In the Document Types Register, for documents defined as 'Document' or 'Internal' in the 'Document' field, and as 'Material' or 'Consolidated' in the 'Document Type' field, there is a new checkbox on the Parameters panel, 'Vlastita otrošnja' (Own Use).
If a receiving document in the Document Types Register has a checked checkbox Own Use and has a tax number from the Tax Types Rrgister in line, there is a checkbox only in the columnt 'PDV se uvažava' (VAT is imported). In VAT evidence, such lines are shown in the following way:
Ledger of received invoices:
Column 6: Base
Column 7: Base + VAT
Column 9: VAT amount
Column 11: VAT amount

VAT form:
Field 21: Base
Fields 23/33/34 - depending on data from the field 'Ditriskt' of 'Our Company' from the 'VAT amount' field in the Administration Panel | VAT.

.CSV file: the document is shown as type 02. Fields 12, 13, 15 and 17 are filled in and, depending on the company's municipality, fields 18, 19 and 20.
Consequently, the fields 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8, 9, 10 are filled in (depending on the district of our company).
Field 71: Base
BA  62570
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement Credit note document for customers/suppliers

For KIF/KUF import purposes, credit note documents for customers/suppliers (negative issue/receipt) are shown as type 05 in .csv files.

To display them properly, the Document Types for credit notes have to be selected in the 'Credit Note' field in VAT report.
BA  62744
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement Import eDocument receving Documents

On the form for importing eDocuments for the parameter 'Re-read Prices', the program remembers the last value (checkbox on/off).
ALL 62808
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement eSlog20 - serial number

If there are more than 25 serial numbers in a document line, the XML will only fill 25 serial number.
SI  62817
HERMES (Goods)                                     Improvement New fields in the Receiving Document Types Register and Items Register

In the Receiving Document Types Register, on the Advanced Settings panel, there is a new multi checkbox for selecting all receiving document types. Documents, selected here, will be shown as linked costs for foreign receiving documents. Independent of the 'Purchase From', such documents are shown as type 04 in the .csv file for KUF.

In the Items Register | General, there is a new checkbox 'Item Customs/VAT' on the import document. If an item has this checkbox checked, the line amount of the item on linked costs for import, whose document type is selected in the Receiving Document Types Register for import, is not regarded when calculating the amount for costs shown in column 12 in the .csv file for KUF.
BA  62841
Mnemo (Document Management)                        Improvement Scanning Workflow

We added two fields onto the Scanning Workflow: a field for selecting the subject and a field for classification. So there is no more need for the extra step in the workflow, when a form opened to add the subject and classification onto the scanned document.
ALL 61769
Mnemo (Document Management)                        Improvement DMS: Import Local files from all forms

Files are imported from forms where there is a possibility to add local files.
ALL 61965
Mnemo (Document Management)                        Bug Documentation errors fixed

We fixed the following errors that appeared in Documentation:
- When adding documents by using the 'Import/Export' button and the 'Add document' option on any form, document preview did not appear.
- For documents in documentation with the defined storage 'Local Database' or 'No storage', document preview did not appear and an error notice appeared.
- If a document in documentation had a defined classification with e.g. zero authorization, the user could still see the document. Now such document is not shown any more.
- When importing workflows from the web service for HR, RS and BA localizations, groups were not shown.
ALL 62689
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Improvement Countries register

A field is added for the international country name. This data is also added for register transfer from the internet.
ALL 59699
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Bug Saving backup copy in the cloud fixed

We fixed PANTHEON's starting parameter that encrypts the backup copy with a password. /BCKP:PWD=password.
ALL 61151
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Improvement WorkFlow export into new format - .wfdx

Export now also includes integrations, guide, name and description. Backward compatibility is enabled.
ALL 61779
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Improvement PANTHEON Automation Server (PAAS)

We developed PANTHEON Automation Server (PAAS.exe). It enables automatic start of tasks, set in PANTHEON. Automatic task start with PAAS is set for all tasks that can run automatically.
ALL 61872
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Improvement New field 'User' in the grid in Administration panel | Database | Backup

A new field 'User' was added in the grid in the Administration Panel | Database | Backup. This field represents the user who created a backup.
ALL 62069
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Improvement Improved search of document types

In the main search field, it is now also possible to search within document types of the module Vet.
ALL 62524
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Change Generating item code

We fixed the generating of the item code, when it is generated from a custom item field.
ALL 62625
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Change Correction at creating eInvoice

We fixed the error at creating XML for eInvoice when a Windows username included any characters with diacritical marks (čćđšž).
ALL 62680
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Improvement Administration panel | Database | Backup

- We enabled deleting multiple backups of databases on right click and 'Delete selected'. Previously only it was only possible to backup databases one by one.
- A new start parameter was created for selecting multiple databases in .TXT file for backuping databases to a cloud or local backup. \DATABASES:FILE=FileName.txt
ALL 62705
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Bug Upgrade errors

We fixed the following errors that appeared at upgrade:
- When changing collation, the column acName_meta was deleted from the table tpa_sysdatabase and tpa_sysserver, which prevented the upgrade to complete.
- If the user with whom you upgraded the database was not sysadmin, the upgrade was not run under the dbo user.
- The upgrade had the settings NO_BROWSETABLE ON, which caused an error in changing tables.
- tpa_sys... definitiona tables were not created with the new collation, but with the old one, which slowed down the upgrade.
- Upgrade procedures caused an error when tpa_sys... definition tables were not aligned with database collation.
ALL 62708
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Reading barcodes of Animal ID (mobile and desktop) and of Holding ID (only mobile)

In this new version of PANTHEON VET, we added barcodes onto reports for insemination. This was added both in the mobile and desktop application. Now, the veterinarian can read Animal ID from a generated barcode in the mobile app and/or desktop. The vet can also find the Holding ID in the mobile app, if they scan the Holding barcode.
ALL 59894
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Group ID (fattening pigs)

We added an option to create a group ID. In the group, you can enter the number of animals in the group.
ALL 59921
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Adding more holdings to one owner

In the new version of PANTHEON VET, we added an option to add more holdings to one owner.
On the 'Owner' menu, we added the button 'Holdings', where you can manually add holdings onto the list.
ALL 60535
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Added search by Farm ID on treatment reports

On treatment reports, we added an option to search data by Farm ID.
ALL 61062
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Added Farm ID data in vet reports

In reports for veterinarians, we added data about the Farm ID.
SI  61077
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Reprinting an invoice enabled in offline mode

In the new mobile version of PANTHEON VET, we  enabled printing invoices in offline mode.
ALL 61295
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Adding a tax item on vaccination

In the new version of PANTHEON VET, we added a new column 'Item Tax' in Codebooks for Vaccinaton Types register, where you can add items for tax. If this column filled in, the data will also be seen on the tab 'Performed service' on 'Treatment'.
ALL 61851
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Calculating the percent of non-returned females in 90 days

In the new version of PANTHEON VET, we did some changes on the NR% report above 90 days. We took a new formula for calculating non-returned females (pregnant).
ALL 62064
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Added indication of outstanding treatments and/or outstanding items on Animal Owner

In the new version of PANTHEON VET, we added a new functionality: Opened outstanding treatments and items.
On 'Animal Owner', there is now an indicator showing if an owner has any opened outstanding treatments and/or outstanding items.
ALL 62104
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Added wizard on Animal owner for data transfer from one owner to the other

Now, you can transfer data from one owner to the other also at 'Animal owner'. We added additional data about Farm ID and National ID No.
ALL 62154
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Prefixes GO and GP removed from insemination on pigs

In the new version of PANTHEON VET, we removed the prefixes at the insemination of pigs, as these prexifes are used for cattle. We removed this field from treatment and on all insemination reports.
ALL 62491
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Warehouse field moved onto the mask and visible all the time

We moved the data about warehouse onto the header of the 'Treatment' mask, where it is visible all the time.
ALL 62531
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Data about insemination added on treatment report

In the new version of PANTHEON VET, we also added data about insemination onto report 6V6.
ALL 62532
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement 'Select' option in data import from VOLOS

When selecting animal category in the right-click menu, we added the option "Deselect all" in addition to already existing option "Select all".
SI  62537
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Added filter for Branches in Reception Calendar

We added search when choosing the option Branch.
ALL 62554
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Faster opening of the mask 'Animal Owner'

We speeded up the opening of the 'Animal Owner' mask.
ALL 62578
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Pop-up window upon creating a document

If the settings for creating an issued document have a defined invoice and delivery data on document type for treatment, then a special window for creating the document will not appear.
ALL 62588
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement 'Print' button at the reception

'Print' button at the reception now prints the appointment.
ALL 62599
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Entry of more than one serial number for chip and passport disabled

If you use chip and passport serial numbers, and if the primary or secondary category is linked to Links between items and veterinarian, you cannot add more serial numbers on one animal, when you use items chip and passport.
ALL 62630
PANTHEON VET                                       Bug Fixed issue with Treatment type updates

In 'Group Treatment' and 'Bill by' packets, we fixed the issue that treatment type was only updated when it was manually changed.
ALL 62641
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Prefixes GO and GP removed from insemination on pigs

In the new version of PANTHEON VET, we removed the prefixes GO 08 and GP 08 from pigs insemination report and also from the interface.
ALL 62694
PANTHEON VET                                       Bug Report editing on mobile app (packing slip, invoice)

We made some changes on the report for group treatment.
ALL 62702
PANTHEON VET                                       Bug Getting animals results from the same owner improved

In the mobile app, we fixed the bug of not getting all animals if the owner was entered several times in different capitalization.
ALL 62713
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Entering subject ID in capital letters

In the new version of PANTHEON VET, when creating a new subject in the mobile app, the subject will be automatically written in capital letters.
ALL 62714
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Closing the cash register

We enabled to close the cash register also on documents that are connected to the mobile app.
ALL 62724
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Holding ID on 'Treatment'

Because of the new functionality to allow several holdings on one owner, we also improved the 'Treatment' module. Now, you can also change the holding if an animal is added to the owner.
ALL 62732
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Improved editing reports for inseminations ALL 62750
PANTHEON VET                                       Bug Closing tabs

We fixed the bug that the tab did not close if the treatment had information on the 'Vaccination' tab.
ALL 62752
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Print procedure consent form at right-click on reception

In the new version of PANTHEON VET, you can print out the 'Procedure consent form' directly from the right-click in the calendar on reception.
ALL 62767
PANTHEON VET                                       Bug Fixed problems with overlapping text on reports

In the new version of mobile PANTHEON VET, we fixed the problems with overlapping text on reports.
ALL 62835
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement Same Holding ID with different owners - improved import from VOLOS

In the new version of PANTHEON VET, we did some improvements if one Holding has different owners. Now, you can import such data from VOLOS without any troubles.
ALL 62839
WorkFlow                                           Change New Block for sending e-mails

You can now integrate a Workflow to Documents form and specify values for 'MailTo' and 'MailSubject' to send emails directly from the workflow. This workflow takes files from a selected document and sends them to addresses specified in 'MailTo', 'MailCc' and 'MailBcc' variables. 'MailCc' and 'MailBcc' are optional and are empty by default. You will receive an error if 'MailTo' is empty.
ALL 61775
WorkFlow                                           Bug Fixed error in workflow names containing diacritical marks

After importing a workflow into the workflow register, diacritical marks in the workflow name were not correctly shown.
ALL 62780
WorkFlow                                           Bug Scanning error fixed

We fixed the error 'actSave', which appeared at scanning and closing a task.
ALL 62805
ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Improvement Dashboard language system

Dashboar language system improvement enables viewing of the same dashboard in different languages. If you have a member of your team with a different default language, set their default language in the Administration panel and upgrade the database (automatically, not manually). Clotho will fill translations into database and the dashboard will appear in the default user language (if translations are available).
ALL 61736
ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Improvement Export to Excel with elements in different tabs

The new format of ZEUS reports export enables exporting of ZEUS report in .XLSX format. This format will divide the report element into pages (sheets) according to their appearance on preview. If you have two elements on one page on preview and one element on a new page, they will appear separately: first two components on the first page, and the third component on a separate page.
ALL 62097
  • PANTHEON X version has been released!

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