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WorkFlow                                           Improvement WorkFlow - Notification when Certificate is expired

A new warning message is prepared for the cases when an expired certificate is used.
  ALL 62450
HERA (HRM) Improvement Proportional annual leave

We added a checkbox 'Unused leave' onto the Leave form, which in case of employee's leaving the company indicates that annual leave was not used, but paid out, so it is not counted when the employee enters the company again.
  HR 62866
HERA (HRM) Improvement Wizard for automatic addition of crisis allowance

In the 'Crisis Allowance' wizard, due to the new PKP7 legislation, we changed the control of the last paid salary; it is no longer 3-times that of the minimum wage, but 2-times minimum wage/Fa2. The control is not limited with the checkbox 'Salary in the pandemic times' in the Earning Types panel. The control is also added in order for the wizard not to include N-type hours. Other controls remain the same as before (ET hours 'Not an absence' included, etc.).
Mesečni krizni dodatek SI 62975
HERA (HRM) Change Change of minimum wage for 2021

In accordance with the legislation, we changed the amount of the minimum wage for the period January 2021 to December 2021 and the Fa2 amount, which is now Fa2=1025.00 EUR.
  SI 62932
  • PANTHEON X version has been released!

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