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PANTHEON X version has been released!


Module Type News Localiz. Remark
Pantheon VET                                       Improvement Notification on data update

In the mobile app, we added information about the date of the app update.
ALL 62330
Pantheon VET                                       Improvement Quantity per animal' column on treatment report

In order to know hom much medicine was used for each individual animal in a group treatment, we added a new column with the data about quantity per animal on the report.
ALL 62452
Pantheon VET                                       Improvement Overview of the animal history on Treatment

In the new version, we put a new tab 'History' on treatment documents in the Treatment tab. Data in this table are not completely the same as in the History menu. Here, you can find basic data such as: previous documents, type of treatment, date and data about items that were used on each treatment. For more details you still need to visit the History menu.
More on Tab History on User Site:
ALL 62487
Pantheon VET                                       Improvement Closing tabs

We fixed the issue that in some cases a tab would stay open despite closing treatments. 
ALL 62979
Pantheon VET                                       Improvement Break text on labels in the mobile app

Now the text on labels in columns breaks, so you can read the whole text.
ALL 62999
Pantheon VET                                       Improvement Send SMS from VET

With the new version, we have added a new functionality 'Send SMS' from Reception.
ALL 63000
Pantheon VET                                       Improvement Data about Group ID on reports

In the new version, we changed data on reports for invoice when you use a group ID. The report now includes data about the group.
ALL 63012
Pantheon VET                                       Improvement Improvements on sending SMS

After enabling sending texts in PANTHEON, we also made some improvements on sending texts from PANTHEON VET. Settings for sending texts can be found in the Administration panel; you can make text templates, set the date of sending etc.
ALL 63102
Pantheon VET                                       Bug Field 'Telephone1' moved

We fixed a bug from release and put the fields 'Telephone1' and Status' back to the right places.
ALL 63188
Pantheon VET                                       Bug Subjects update fixed

We fixed a bug with empty data on Owners/Animals. The animals are now again linked with their owners. This update is also included in the quick upgrade.
ALL 63192
Pantheon VET                                       Improvement Adding a new column 'Department' on 'Performed services' tab

On the 'Performed services' tab, we added a new column 'Department'. This field is automatically filled in with the veterinarian who is logged into PANTHEON. You can also manually change this data.
ALL 63204
Pantheon VET                                       Bug Review and bug fix on mobile app crash

We fixed the mobile app crashes.
ALL 63210
Pantheon VET                                       Improvement Department' on Treatment saved

We fixed the 'Department' field. When you now enter text into 'Department', the text is saved even if you open a new treatment.
ALL 63220
HERA (HRM) Improvement Payment order for tax credit abroad

For earning type '9–Tax Credit Abroad', payment orders or. SEPA payments are not created.
SI 62480
HERA (HRM) Improvement WEB Service average wages

Average wages for the fields Fa10 and Fa15 are corrected as follows:
- Transport - untaxed (Factor 17): new value: 4,040.00;
- relief for DDPO (Factor 15): new value: 6,062.00.
RS 63214
PANTHEON COMMON Improvement Templates: Improved saving of fields of type TdlcxLabeledCheckComboBox

Saving of fields of type TdlcxLabeledCheckComboBox is now improved, for example the field 'Document statuses' in Invoices issued/received report.
ALL 63171
PANTHEON COMMON Bug Download Workflows from Codebooks (webservice)

When downloading workflows from the webservice, the filter for workflow version is now also included.
ALL 63170
  • PANTHEON X version has been released!

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