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News by modules: 

Module Title Type News Loc. Remark
Ares/SQL-I (Development Environment)               DMS – Document Viewer Refresh Improvement We speeded up reloading of a document to already created document viewer without recreating the form. ALL 63559
DEMETER (FINANCE)                                  Merged payment orders when posting statements Improvement We enabled the option 'Split payment based on merged payment order' in case 'Name2' is used in filling in an xml payment order file. ALL 61452
DEMETER (FINANCE)                                  Interest rates on Loans and Leases Improvement Interest rate is taken from the register of interest rates. Here, it cannot be manually changed. If there are no interest rates in your interest rates register and you do not want to add any, you can leave this field empty. You can manually enter the percentage in the field for nominal interest rate ('Percentage' field). ALL 62409
DEMETER (FINANCE)                                  Missing data on Loans and Leases document Improvement Missing data is marked red until filled in. When trying to create instalments without essential data, a warning message pops up. ALL 62520
DEMETER (FINANCE)                                  Merging payment orders Improvement If multiple subjects are selected and the checkbox 'Fill payment reference with current time' is enabled, the program will add the tax ID number to the merged payment reference. This assures that the payment reference is unique. ALL 62569
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Change of document types for several work orders simultaneously Improvement For both production types (SE and MF), it is now possible to change document types for several work orders at the same time.
Besides the option to change WO, we added criteria for collecting data. In the lower part of the window, a grid is added with collected work orders.
ALL 25753
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Issuing from resource warehouse at work order processing Improvement When processing a work order, issuing materials is now possible from the warehouse defined on the resource. ALL 31764
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Linking received consolidated invoice with lines of work orders in sub-contracting Improvement We renewed the functionality of linking received consolidated invoice with lines of work orders in case of sub-contracting. ALL 60845
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Showing non-rounded quantity value on commercial specification Improvement In commercial specification, it is now enabled to show the right, non-rounded database quantity value. ALL 62574
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Group closing of work orders Improvement We added the option for group closing of work orders. ALL 62878
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Group delete for work orders Improvement We optimized the functionality for group deleting of work orders. ALL 62883
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Shortcut buttons for wizard functionalities Improvement We added shortcut buttons for faster access to functionalities from the wizard. The user can define which shortcut buttons to use and in which order. ALL 62885
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              At opening work orders, filters hidden by default Improvement When opening work orders form, search filters are now hidden by default. ALL 62945
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Refactored reports from datasets to procedures in SE and MF Manufacturing Improvement When opening and processing work orders in SE and MF Manufacturing, we made a refactoring of reports so that datasets are now filled in through procedures.
This change may affect user reports.
ALL 63015
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Option to create work orders at transfer from sales order on a given date Improvement When transferring sales orders to manufacturing, we added a new field, 'Date of WO Create', where you can set the date of creating a work order. ALL 63099
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Correction of split costs on work orders Bug We fixed splitting costs on work orders split by cost. The correction is included in the fast upgrade. ALL 63155
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Refactored and updated all specifications (Product Specification, Production Specification and Plan Specification) Improvement We renewed and updated all specifications: Product Specification, Production Specification and Plan Specification. ALL 63236
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              New fields for dispatch date and priority on orders and in manufacturing Improvement We introduced new fields for data on the dispatch date and the priority on orders and in manufacturing. ALL 63238
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Disabled deleting with the shortcut Ctrl+Del on work orders on the 'Production' tab Improvement On work orders on the 'Production' tab, we disabled deleting with the shortcut Ctrl+Del. ALL 63451
HEFAIST (Manufacturing)                              Disabled repeated work order transfer from sales orders to manufacturing with existing sublevels Improvement We disabled a repeated transfer of work orders from sales orders to manufacturing if sublevels have already been made. The user will receive the following notice:
"WO on higher or same level does not fulfill creation criteria for order line. – Order already partially finished."
The dependent message is supplemented with the error of the child work order.
ALL 63569
HERA (HRM)                                         Posting travel order – date of calculation Improvement In the form of automatic posting, the date of calculation is added under the date of the document (date of calculation of travel order From to). ALL 62736
HERA (HRM)                                         Import from xls to payroll preparation Improvement The following was added to import:
- additional two types of data for each earning type that imports all four data at the same time;
- option to group by department and cost center.
ALL 62924
HERA (HRM)                                         Evaluation Improvement In the Evaluation Types register, the following were added: status active, evaluator, superior, print.
In Evaluation, we added the Evaluator.
Wizard for copying evaluation was changed due to new data in evaluation:
1. Period To is automatically field with Period From
.2. Multiple choice is enabled for Superior, Employee, Department and Position, so that evaluation can be copied for more employees.
3. Evaluation type – superior/subordinate evaluator is automatically selected after running the wizard.
4. A note from the evaluator.
Rating can be changed in the period line upon saving the evaluation for each employee.
The Employee Evaluation report was added to employee reports. Also, we added the option for sending the report to email and saving it to folder and documentation.
ALL 62930
HERA (HRM)                                         Reports 3g5 and 3g6 payroll preparation – days Improvement In reports 3g5 and 3g6, the information about days was added. ALL 62967
HERA (HRM)                                         'acWorker' field Improvement The field 'tHR_Prsn.acWorker' is now by reference linked to field 'tHE_SetSubj.acSubject'.
The field 'tHR_Prsn.acSubject' is removed.
ALL 63049
HERMES (Goods)                                     New option In document settings for purchase documents: Default report Improvement In document settings, we added a new option on Supply Orders and Received documents: Default Report.
By default, the value is empty. This means that the program always takes the last used report. If another report is selected here, the program will by default always use that report as document type.
ALL 61142
HERMES (Goods)                                     Limit control – internal documents Improvement From version 23.00 on, values on internal documents can be considered at limit control. For this purpose, we added a checkbox into the administration panel to select whether values of internal documents should be considered at limit control or not. ALL 61864
HERMES (Goods)                                     Contract number on recurring invoicing Improvement When creating documents from intervals, the contract from recurring invoicing is now taken into account, if of course it exists. The number is written in the link document 1 on the document. ALL 62159
HERMES (Goods)                                     New column in the document line: VAT amount Improvement The VAT amount for each line is added into the document lines as a hidden column, which can be added to the lines by selecting it in 'Select Columns'.
The column 'VAT amount' is added on the following document types:
1. Issue documents, defined as 'Document', 'Goods', 'Collective' or 'Prepayment'.
2. Sales Order document.
3. Purchase Order document.
In receiving documents, the VAT amount is – not hidden – already in document lines.
ALL 62277
HERMES (Goods)                                     Sum values on grid of goods and orders documents Improvement On goods and orders documents, we added a faster access to show the sum values on grid on the mouse right-click. ALL 62378
HERMES (Goods)                                     Transfer files to Documentation Improvement So far, when exporting eDocuments into Documentation, three files were transferred: xml, envelope and PDF. From version 23.00, only transferring a PDF file is also enabled. ALL 62476
Mnemo (Document Management)                        Adding attachments with Drag & Drop in the Documentation module Improvement With this new feature, you can easily add new attachments to existing documents or create new documents: Select one or more files in File Explorer and drag and drop files to PANTHEON. ALL 62372
Mnemo (Document Management)                        DMS – Import Documents on Accounting form Improvement If the 'Journal' tab is selected, then the imported document is connected to the Journal. If the 'Invoices' tab is selected, then the imported document is connected to Invoices. ALL 62517
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Shared Registers corrections Change We corrected two errors in Shared Registers, namely:
- Data on the 'Note' panel on Items is now inserted into the slave database.
- Saving data in the 'Description' panel on Items saves records without error (if shared registers were enabled).
ALL 59327
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Database to use licenses from linked servers Improvement It is now enabled to use the function "Database to Use Licenses From" when a database is on a separate, linked server. ALL 59999
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Date filters on contract prices Improvement For all contract prices, we added default dates in filters: 'Date from = First day of the year; 'Day to' = current date. This simplifies searching through the records. ALL 61086
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Correction on certain current stock reports Change We corrected an error when setting a custom order on current stock reports. ALL 61473
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Contact person's email address Change If the contact person is set as inactive, then their email will no longer be used for sending documents. ALL 62211
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Department hierarchy in GE license Improvement In GE license, department hierarchy is enabled as it is in MF license. ALL 62241
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Countries: United Kingdom as a third country Improvement 1. The webservice is now updated regarding United Kingdom not having the EU member state parameter any more.
2. With the upgrade, the 'EU' parameter will be removed from UK in the Countries Register.
ALL 63293
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Change of deleting users by name and not by ID Bug When deleting users, this is now executed by its name ('acUserID' field) and not by the ID ('anUserID'). ALL 63466
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Classification description prolonged to 255 characters Improvement In Classifications Register, the field for classification description (acTypeDesec) is prolonged to 255 characters. ALL 63512
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Removed buttons on the 'ToDo' form Change We removed dynamically created buttons for changing status of multiple documents. Now, only the button for running multiple tasks is available. ALL 63530
PANTHEON COMMON                                    ToDo: User substitution correction Bug We fixed the error that raised an error message upon entering a user substitution. ALL 63556
PANTHEON VET                                       'Performed service' tab redesigned Improvement In PANTHEON VET 23.00, we made a big change on the 'Performed Service' tab. We divided this tab into two subtabs: 'Billing' and 'Withdrawal'. 'Billing' has the same functionality as before. On the new tab, 'Withdrawal', you can find data about withdrawal. Here, you can manually change withdrawal periods for milk, meat and organs. ALL 59905
PANTHEON VET                                       Added data about stock on the 'Performed Service' tab Improvement In PANTHEON VET version 23.00 on tab 'Performed Service', we also added data about stock in the current warehouse into the drop-down menu on the grid. ALL 60778
PANTHEON VET                                       Partial reverse in VET Improvement We added the functionality for partial reverse. Now, you can also make a partial reverse invoice in POS. ALL 61882
PANTHEON VET                                       Insemination reports for pigs now have the same set as for cattle Improvement In version 23.00, as for cattle, we created equal reports for pigs: for total costs of insemination and for repeated insemination. ALL 62443
PANTHEON VET                                       Animal history overview on Treatment Improvement In version 23.00, on the treatment document, we put the 'History' tab under the 'Treatment' tab. The data in this table are not completely the same as in the 'History' menu. Here, there is basic data such as: document, type of treatment, date and data about items that were used on each treatment. For more details, you can to go to the 'History' menu. ALL 62487
PANTHEON VET                                       Editing reports 6VO and 6VP Improvement In PANTHEON VET version 23.00, we unified the reports with other insemination reports in the program. Now, all inseminations reports should look the same. ALL 62793
PANTHEON VET                                       Withdrawal on insemination reports Improvement We fixed reports for repeated insemination regarding data about withdrawal. Now, the data about withdrawal is correctly shown for the right animal. ALL 62892
PANTHEON VET                                       Select Holding ID at import from VOLOS Improvement We enabled selecting the owners Holding ID, if they have the same Holding ID. ALL 62998
PANTHEON VET                                       Sending SMS for vaccination Improvement We also added the option to send an SMS for vaccination. ALL 63145
PANTHEON VET                                       New column 'Department' on 'Performed Service' tab Improvement We added a new column called 'Department' onto the 'Performed Service' tab. This field is automatically filled in with the veterinarian who is logged in to PANTHEON. You can also manually change this data. ALL 63204
PANTHEON VET                                       Data from VET linked to report 6V8 and 6VA Improvement We did some improvements on reports 6V8 and 6VA, so that they are unified with the 6V9 report. ALL 63235
PANTHEON VET                                       Checkbox for adding more than one serial number for a passport/chip Improvement In settings for the 'Documentation' tab, we added a new checkbox, where you can allow to add more than one chip/passport to one animal. ALL 63251
PANTHEON VET                                       Module for sending SMS Improvement We made a new module where you can see all SMS messages that are on list for sending to your customers. ALL 63289
PANTHEON VET                                       Stickers for Group ID Improvement In Group ID, we enabled adding a note to stickers. ALL 63290
PANTHEON VET                                       Stock on item in treatment with item package Bug We fixed the bug on stock so that when you delete an invoice with package, relieving inventory for goods in packages shows correct data. ALL 63323
PANTHEON VET                                       Adding owner on treatment by entering Holding ID Bug We fixed the bug and now you can add an owner on treatment by selecting a Holding ID. ALL 63334
PANTHEON VET                                       Calculation of repeated insemination Change In PANTHEON VET version 23.00, we made some changes on calculations of repeated insemination. Now, the first repeated insemination is numbered as second (2) insemination, because the first insemination is always numbered as 1, being the first regular insemination.

1. First insemination, 2 February 2021
2. First repeated insemination, 15 February 2021
3. Second repeated insemination, 1 March 2021.
ALL 63363
PANTHEON VET                                       Report 6VD – Insemination statistics on Farm Improvement We made same changes on 6VD report. The data on the report will only be correct, if the data about insemination and repeated insemination is added in the database correctly. ALL 63364
PANTHEON VET                                       Search on Treatment Improvement On 'Treatment' and 'Appointment', we enabled opening a window for searching animals with the shortcut Ctrl+F. ALL 63421
PANTHEON VET                                       Changes on adding documents Change We improved the 'Documentation' tab with an added column for backup files. Here, you can save all documents linked to an individual animal. So on next document import, already linked documents will no longer be shown. ALL 63431
PANTHEON VET                                       Reception: New event – General Improvement In the calendar on reception, we added the option to add an event which is not related to an appointment. You can add events such as: meetings, vacation, sick leave etc. ALL 63444
PANTHEON VET                                       Visible confirming button and the number of selected animals Improvement When selecting animals, the confirmation tick and the data about the number of selected animals are now always visible also when scrolling. ALL 63468
PANTHEON VET                                       'Barcode Search' higher on the menu Improvement As the functionality 'Barcode Search' is used by veterinarians very often, we moved it higher up in the menu, so that it is immediately accessible. ALL 63469
PANTHEON VET                                       Searching by subject Improvement We improved searching by subject on the mobile app. Now, when you start entering letters, the list of owners simultaneously appears in a drop-down menu. Upon clicking on the selected subject, its data is used. ALL 63470
PANTHEON VET                                       Barcode on insemination and repeated insemination report Improvement On insemination and repeated insemination reports, the barcode is now placed under the information about the animal ID to prevent overlapping. ALL 63471
PANTHEON VET                                       Automatically calculating dates of appointments and events Improvement We improved calculating dates of appointments and events. If you change the duration of a procedure, then the end date will be automatically calculated without any clicking on other fields. ALL 63486
PANTHEON VET                                       Name and surname on parasitological examination report Improvement We improved the parasitological examination report, so that the program does not automatically fill in the owner ID if the name and surname are not entered into the program. ALL 63543
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvement on report 6V4 Improvement We made some adjustments on report 6V4. We sorted the data from earliest to latest and we put the data about the document in the last column. ALL 63582
PANTHEON VET                                       New report: Treatment costs - vaccinations by days Improvement We made a new report for vaccination. Now, you can see the numbers of vaccinations by days. In the end of the report, there is a sum of all vaccinations in the selected period. ALL 63583
POS                                                Added 20B report on POS Improvement We added 20B report – 'Installment plan'. You can print it out on the form for creating installments and it gives out the list of created installments for a certain document with dates and amounts of individual installments. ALL 62545
POS                                                Added options in settings for compound IDs Improvement In settings for compound IDs, we added the option to search items by external ID and by subject ID. So far, searching items for compound IDs was only possible by item ID, whereas now it is also possible to search items by the options mentioned above. ALL 62966
WorkFlow                                           Tasks View ('ToDo' form) Improvement When executing a packet of documents or tasks on the ToDo form, the ToDo form hides. After execution of all tasks, the form shows up again, refreshed. ALL 62385
WorkFlow                                             Improvement Similar to sending documents, there is a new possibility to send SMS messages to clients. Sending can be designed with a workflow and is thus customizable. ALL 62766
WorkFlow                                           Workflow – Send Emails from DMS Improvement We created a new workflow for sending DMS documents via email. ALL 62962
ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Index on OLAP analysis Change We have changed Index functionality and optimized it for current components. Index on OLAP cubes now work but column dimensions have to be filtered to two elements. In the future we will also enable index for Grand Total. ALL 59405
ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Wholesale price 1 on production OLAP cube Improvement A new measurement has been added to the OLAP production cube: Wholesale price 1. The measurement is shown directly from the Items register and it's not affected by produced or planned quantity. ALL 60311
ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Wholesale price 2 on production OLAP cube Improvement A new measurement has been added to the OLAP production cube: Wholesale price 2. The measurement is shown directly from the Items register and it's not affected by produced or planned quantity. ALL 60312
ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Sales price 2 on production OLAP cube Improvement A new measurement has been added to the OLAP production cube: Sales price 2. The measurement is shown directly from the Items register and it's not affected by produced or planned quantity. ALL 60313
ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Optimization of view for financial OLAP cube Improvement We optimized view vZE_APR, which fills data for financial OLAP cube. This optimization now retrieves results faster. ALL 63345
  • PANTHEON X version  has been released!

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