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News by modules:

Module Title Type News Loc. Remark BuildNo
PANTHEON (Upgrade) Refreshing dependent views Bug We corrected an error of refreshing dependent views during an upgrade. ALL 63618 1002310
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Apostrophe in the primary key of a subject and email Bug We corrected an error that was caused by an apostrophe in the primary key of a subject when inserting email. ALL 63632 1002310
PANTHEON VET                                       Insurance – Data about Subject Improvement If the insurance policy is already entered on the animal, you do not have to re-enter the data about the insurance company, but only click on 'Add insurance'. ALL 62906 1002310
PANTHEON VET                                       Data about department entered Improvement If the veterinarian has department set and is entering the treatment in the mobile app, the information about the department will also be recorded onto treatment in the database during synchronization. ALL 63198 1002310
PANTHEON VET                                       Holding ID on treatment Improvement If the owner has a Holding ID, this information will be recorded onto treatment in the database during synchronization. ALL 63596 1002310
PANTHEON VET                                       Information about date and time of end of treatment Improvement If a treatment has an issued invoice or packing slip, information about the date and time of the end of the treatment is recorded in the database during synchronization. ALL 63597 1002310
PANTHEON VET                                       Warning added when item quantity is zero Improvement If the quantity of an item is zero, the application now displays a warning. Clicking the 'Edit' button will open the Item menu where you can change the item's quantity. Clicking 'OK' instead will create the invoice or packing slip with the item quantity set to zero. ALL 63598 1002310
PANTHEON VET                                       Warning if owner has no data for Nat. ID No. and phone number Improvement At dog vaccination, we added another check whether the owner has data about the National ID number and phone number. If this data is missing, they have to be entered before you can enter a vaccination. ALL 63599 1002310
PANTHEON VET                                       No barcode on insemination reports for IDs with diacritic characters Improvement If the Animal ID has characters with diacritic marks (e. g. SI4521264Š), the barcode on insemination reports will not be generated. ALL 63614 1002310
PANTHEON VET                                       New non-return report 'NR% above 60 days' Improvement We prepared a new report 'NR% above 60 days'. NR% is now calculated according to the formula from DONE: The number of animals re-inseminated over a period of 4 to 60 days is subtracted from the number of all first inseminations in a given period, then this number is multiplied by 100 and divided by the number of all first inseminations in the given period. ALL 63620 1002310
PANTHEON VET                                       Mandatory 'Cow/Calf' field for insemination Improvement For the purposes of calculating NR% in the mobile app, we made the 'Cow/Calf' field at insemination a mandatory field. If any of the options is not selected in this field, it will not be possible to save the insemination. If the option selected at insemination is 'Cow', the fields 'Calving Date' and 'Calves Sex and Destiny' are also mandatory. ALL 63670 1002310
  • PANTHEON X version has been released!

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