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PANTHEON X version has been released! 

News by modules:

Module Title Type News Loc. Remark BuildNo
DEMETER (Finance) Fixed assets report Bug In fixed assets report by accounts, we fixed an error that occurred if the account name was longer than 150 characters. ALL 63788 1002320
DEMETER (Finance) Import of bank statements in LT license Change With the new version in LT license, when importing a bank statement, a new journal entry is created upon posting the statement. ALL 63754 1002320
DEMETER (Finance) Merging payment orders Change When merging payment orders with enabled setting 'Fill payment reference with current time', the data for tax ID also applies besides the current time. That field is limited to 35 character in some xml schemes, which is why we also limited the length of this field to 35 characters. ALL 63818 1002320
Mnemo (Document Management) Closing the Scan form Change - When there are no documents on the scan form and the 'Confirm' button is pressed, messages about missing documents hide and do not create a record in DMS.
- On closing with X, a new message was added: "Do you want to save documents? Yes/No".
ALL 63801 1002320
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Corrected adding of a user to a group Bug We corrected the error which appeared when adding a user to a group. ALL 63920 1002320
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Saving templates on travel order reports Change Upon saving templates on travel order reports, enabled checkboxes are also saved. ALL 63805 1002320
PANTHEON VET                                       Import data from LABOKLIN lab Improvement In Pantheon VET, we enabled the import of reports from LABOKLIN lab. ALL 62823 1002320
PANTHEON VET                                       Options for LABOKLIN reports in PANTHEON VET Improvement Upon enabling the import of reports from LABOKLIN lab, we needed to set some additional functionalities, such as right-click, tick already-saved documents etc. ALL 63749 1002320
PANTHEON VET                                       Multi-select on Items in Treatment costs Improvement On Treatment costs, we enabled limiting reports to one or more items. ALL 63778 1002320
PANTHEON VET                                       Calls log in LABOKLIN module Improvement On the import of data from LABOKLIN lab, we added the 'Failed calls' tab. If a call was unsuccessful, the program issues an error message about what caused the failed call. ALL 63794 1002320
PANTHEON VET                                       Orders to LABOKLIN Improvement We arranged the creation of orders to LABOKLIN lab via Pantheon VET. ALL 63795 1002320
PANTHEON VET                                       Order report LABOKLIN Improvement In PANTHEON VET, we enabled creating orders for LABOKLIN lab. ALL 63877 1002320
PANTHEON VET                                       Temporary storage of orders – LABOKLIN Improvement We arranged for orders to be stored in the database temporarily until LABOKLIN returns the 'Created' status. When the order appears in the 'Online medical reports' tab, it disappears from the order history. ALL 63878 1002320
PANTHEON VET                                       Signature on VET reports Improvement It is now arranged that the veterinarian's signature is seen on treatment reports even if the owner is not signed. ALL 63897 1002320
  • PANTHEON X version has been released!

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