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PANTHEON X version has been released! 

News by modules:

Module Title Type News Loc. Remark BuildNo
Ares/SQL-I (Development Environment)               ARES – Environment Settings Improvement Environment settings will now be saved in ARES. ALL 61235 1002400
HEFAIST (Manufacturing) Multi-resources in product specification Improvement We added “Multi-resources” to product specification, which enables using multiple resources for one operation. Each resource can be defined the following: priority, execution time, time to prepare, batch, formula, no. of employees, salary grade, bonus, and a note.
The whole “Multi-resources” functionality is integrated into Product specification and closely connected to Work orders. In Work preparation in the Manufacturing and Plan specifications, you can define the individual resource load by percentage. In processing work orders, employees can report by resources, and an option is added to select warehouse from several resources.
The changes also affect planning and scheduling, which by default uses the primary resource in operation, if the plan specification does not define otherwise.
ALL 64233 1002400
HEFAIST (Manufacturing) Removed shortage information from commercial specifications for service operations in SE license Improvement We removed information about shortage from commercial specifications for service operations in SE licenses. ALL 64234 1002400
HERA (HRM)                                         Travel order payout in FCY Improvement We added the option to pay out travel orders in FCY. ALL 62055 1002400
HERA (HRM)                                         Export to Excel Improvement We added a wizard using which you can export data from employee files to Excel. ALL 63134 1002400
HERMES (Goods)                                       Improvement   ALL 62462 1002400
Mnemo (Document Management)                        DMS – Integration of signature pad Improvement We implemented a new feature to DMS that supports adding signatures using a signature pad. When you sign the pad, the signature image is transferred to the database or report.
You can draw the signature using a mouse or digital pen.
ALL 56651 1002400
Mnemo (Document Management)                        DMS – Changed path for storing temporary files Change Temporary files will no longer be stored in the Windows user temporary folder. They will now be stored in the PANTHEON installation directory. ALL 63302 1002400
Mnemo (Document Management)                        DMS - Document Viewer Annotations Text Improvement We implemented a feature that allows you to see the annotation text in the document view when hovering over it with the mouse. ALL 63662 1002400
Mnemo (Document Management)                        DMS - Changing Subject or Subject Name 2 Bug We fixed an error that occurred when changing subject name or subject name 2 in the DMS form grid. ALL 64026 1002400
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Navigator search Change We enabled the saving of custom column orders when using the group by filter. ALL 61205 1002400
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Button for showing/hidding password Improvement In forms where you can enter a password, we added a button that shows and hides it. ALL 63727 1002400
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Authorizations: read and write permissions Change We enabled read and write permissions in the document types register. ALL 63736 1002400
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Added production price option to price list reports Improvement We added the option of including the production price in the following price list reports:
- 025
- 026
- 02S
- 02T
ALL 63799 1002400
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Event Log: limited the number of displayed records Change The display of records in the event log (in the administration panel) is limited to 1000 records. The displayed records is now adjustable. ALL 63908 1002400
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Bug fixes in SQL profiler Bug We fixed bugs that caused SQL profiler to freeze and records to be deleted.
We also added a new feature that allows you to stay on the selected record by double-clicking it.
ALL 63931 1002400
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Shared registers fix Bug We fixed an issue that occurred when opening the shared registers form. ALL 64027 1002400
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Restoring a database with characters ČŠŽ in its name from the cloud Change We fixed the process of restoring database from the cloud if the characters ČŠŽ were in the backup file name. ALL 64053 1002400
PANTHEON Farmer                                    Sorting in registers not working for Cyrillic Bug We prepared an ARES procedure that fixed an error that occurred when importing fields in PANTHEON Farming for localizations with Cyrillic letters. ALL 64326 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       VAT rates Improvement We added a new feature for VAT rate based on the size of the practice. If we have set in Animal type, type of practice then the program will take the correct VAT rate,  based on practice type. And of course, if we set both VAT rates on an item. ALL 59895 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Changing animal owner Improvement When you change the owner of the animal, the new owner will now be shown in the treatment panel and on printed invoices. ALL 63414 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Changes on adding animals Change When adding animals to treatments, we now disabled the message that appeared to avoid unnecessary clicks. The window is automatically closed and you are redirected back to the treatment form. ALL 63433 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Outstanding items on owner Change We improved the performance of the animal owners panel by refactoring the source code. ALL 63848 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Warning for Nat. ID No. and phone number Change During import into the Central Canine Register, it is now possible for data to be imported even if the Nat. ID No. and/or phone number are missing. ALL 63855 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Data in insemination report Improvement We switched the data fields for Bull Reg. No. and Animal Identification No. in the reports 6VO and 6VP. ALL 63938 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Do not send SMS and email if an animal was already vaccinated Change If an animal was already vaccinated before the due date, then we won't send a text message or email reminder to the owner. ALL 63939 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Expected dry-off calculation Bug We fixed the formula for calculating the dry-off date in reports 6AV and 68V. ALL 63954 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Bug fix when creating invoice or packing slip with different departments Bug If you're merging treatments with identical items and different departments, the invoice or packing slip will contain several line items due to different departments. ALL 64019 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Ares 5000004 - search in open treatments Improvement We added the option to Ares 5000004, open treatment control, to search by different criteria, such as first and last name, address, etc. ALL 64030 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Invoice with data about insemination Improvement We fixed an issue that appeared when you had more than 4 inseminations in the insemination report. ALL 64032 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Replacement of QR codes on VET reports Change We replaced the QR codes in VET reports with the correct format. ALL 64036 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Disable editing completed treatments Change Once a treatment is completed and linked with an invoice or packing slip, you can now no longer change the data in the performed service tab. ALL 64058 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Semen serial number Improvement In insemination where we select the serial number of semen, we implemented a fix that ensures that the selected semen number is now entered. ALL 64059 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Fixed serial number stock Bug We fixed an issue that caused the serial number stock not to reset properly after deleting a vaccination type in the vaccination tab. ALL 64060 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Treatment – phone number and email information Improvement We added phone number and email information to the owner/animal tab in the treatment form. In addition, we moved the information about the date, document, owner, and completion date above the tab so that they're visible whenever you move from one tab to another. ALL 64061 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Tax item in billing by package Improvement If the tax item is not part of a package and you have the tax item in the vaccinations register, it will be recorded as a separate item in the service rendered tab. ALL 64063 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Delete line item entry if no item is selected Improvement If you create a line without entering an item, it will now be automatically deleted if you move to another line. ALL 64064 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Improvements in animal history Improvement We made searching more user-friendly in the animal history form, enabling search by first and last name, by ID. In addition, you can now also search for animals by their ID, and name. ALL 64065 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Item search in treatment Change We fixed an issue which resulted in incorrect search result sorting for some users. ALL 64067 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Overview of reservations Improvement We created an ARES to see which items have reservations and are not linked to any invoices or packing slips. ALL 64071 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Laboklin orders Change We added a progress bar when ordering services from Laboklin. In addition, we fixed an issue related to Laboklin web services. ALL 64073 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Mailing list shows only owners who missed vaccinations Improvement On the mailing list, the program will now show only animal owners who have not completed vaccinations in the selected period. ALL 64076 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Vaccination report with owner contacts Improvement We added a new report with a list of vaccinations and animal owners' contact information. ALL 64108 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Items in packages with quantity zero Improvement We added a new feature that will highlight items in packages with quantity zero. ALL 64113 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Animal owner's signature for offline treatments Improvement We implemented an option that allows you to save an animal owner's signature in a treatment that was opened from history after having been created in offline mode. ALL 64114 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Application crash when changing item name in group treatment Bug We fixed an issue that caused the application to crash if you changed the item name in the group treatment form. ALL 64122 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Warning when quantities in item and serial number don't match Improvement If the quantity in the item and in the serial number don't match, the program will display an IRIS message. ALL 64123 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Added 'Send SMS' column in vaccination types register Improvement We added the 'Send SMS' column in the vaccination types register. If the column is enabled, a text message is sent for the selected vaccination type. ALL 64124 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Editing serial number in vaccination tab Improvement We changed the serial number editing window so that you can now change the item quantity there, too. ALL 64151 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Displaying events in the calendar by branch Change We added a new option in the front desk module, which allows you to display appointments and other events in the calendar by branch. ALL 64160 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Added information about micro-location and weight of pigs and sheep Improvement For pigs and sheep, we added information about their location and weight. This information is also available on labels. The update is available in both the desktop and mobile application. ALL 64162 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Report 6X2 – Added animal owner's address and phone number Improvement We added information about the animal owner's address and phone number to report 6X2. ALL 64171 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       New waiting period tab in rendered services Improvement We added a new tab to the rendered services tab: Waiting period. ALL 64173 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       New 'SMS template' column in vaccination register Improvement We added a new column, SMS temple, in the vaccination register. Now you can send different text messages depending on the selected vaccination type. If you do not choose a template, the program will use the one set in the administration panel. ALL 64186 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Transfer departments from items in package to posting Change We fixed the transfer of departments from items in packages to posting. ALL 64187 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Improved document synchronization Improvement We improved the document synchronization method. ALL 64197 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Adding animals to treatment with barcode scanner Improvement We've added the option to search for and add animals to group treatments using a barcode scanner. ALL 64199 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Fixed procedure used to recalculate treatments - Mobile app Improvement We fixed the procedure used to recalculate treatments with packages in the mobile application. This means that the values in the treatment panel and on the invoices will be the same. ALL 64212 1002400
PANTHEON VET                                       Tax item for vaccination Improvement The tax item now appears in the completed treatments tab in the mobile app if the tax item was added to vaccination. ALL 64278 1002400
WorkFlow                                           Improved to-do icon Improvement The to-do icon now also includes the number of tasks. ALL 62542 1002400
WorkFlow                                           Importing Bank Statements from DMS Improvement We made a new workflow for importing bank statements from DMS documents.
Import bank statements to DMS (from folder) and specify the classification for the imported documents. Link the workflow to the classification, and tasks will be prepared to import the bank statements.
ALL 62566 1002400
WorkFlow                                           WF – Report for Running instances Improvement A new report is prepared for printing all running instances of workflows. ALL 62778 1002400
  • PANTHEON X version has been released!

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