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PANTHEON X version has been released!

News by modules:

Remark Title Modul Type News Lang BuildNo
56651 DMS – Integration of signature pads Mnemo (Document Management)  Improvement DMS now supports signing documents using signature pads. You can draw the signature using a mouse or a stylus. The image is then transferred to the database or report. ALL 1002420
58700 Wacom tablet support Pantheon VET             Improvement We added support for signing treatment documents using Wacom tablets. This feature is supported by the Documentation module. ALL 1002420
64235 SMS notification module improvements Pantheon VET  Improvement We added a right-click option to the SMS notification module that allows you to disable sending text messages to the selected customer. ALL 1002420
64341 ZEUS report ad-hoc template ZEUS (BI, MIS)   Bug Users can now use ad-hoc templates on ZEUS reports in structured form. ALL 1002420
64426 Expanded animal search parameters Pantheon VET   Improvement We added the option to search by no to the animal search dialog. ALL 1002420
64427 QR and barcodes for animal ID Pantheon VET      Improvement We added a new button called 'Print label' to the owner and animal forms. You can now print labels containing QR or barcodes with animal ID information. ALL 1002420
64476 Fix for report 6V6 Pantheon VET   Change We fixed an issue that caused an extra empty page to be printed with report 6V6. ALL 1002420
64479 Mouse scroll in report preview PANTHEON COMMON                             Bug We fixed the way mouse scroll works in report preview. ALL 1002420
64490 Adding several animals to treatment Pantheon VET               Improvement We've removed the pop-up message 'Animal transfer was successful' when adding several animals to treatment from the animal owner form in order to avoid an unnecessary click. ALL 1002420
64518 Serial number transfer issue Pantheon VET                 Bug We fixed an issue that caused serial numbers not to be transferred correctly when adding orders to a treatment. ALL 1002420
64521 Filling in document statuses when adding orders to treatment Pantheon VET     Bug In the window for adding orders to treatment, we implemented a feature that fills in the status of the selected document after entering the document type, which allows you to continue working without interruption. ALL 1002420
64535 PANTHEON login fix PANTHEON COMMON                                  Bug We fixed the loading of logo pictures in the login window. ALL 1002420
64549 Missing withdrawal tab Pantheon VET                              Bug We fixed an issue that caused the withdrawal tab not to be displayed when adding animals to treatment via the grid drop-down menu and not the 'Add' button. ALL 1002420
  • PANTHEON X version has been released!

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