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Remark Title Modul Type News
58821 Custom fields in Owner/animal Pantheon VET                                       Improvement We've added a custom fields tab to the animal data Owner/Animal entry menu. You can define the custom fields in the Administration panel | Veterinarian | Custom fields. The custom field data is used for animals.
61964 Subjects register – Exporting exchange rates to Excel PANTHEON COMMON                                    Improvement When exporting exchange rates to Excel, all decimal places are exported.
62609 Unifying calendar tables HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement Calendar tables from the Hera module, sofar tHR tables, have been unified to:
- HR_Calendar > tPA_Calendar,
- tHR_PrsnCalendar > tPA_Calendar,
- tHR_SetCalendarEntryType > tPA_SetCalendarEntryType.
The tPA_CalendarEntry table was not merged, but the note was transferred into tPA_Calendar.
The purpose of unified calendars in the entire PANTHEON is joint leading of absence and presence calendars, i. e. joint work records.
62771 Additional information on insemination slips Pantheon VET                                       Improvement We've added additional information to insemination slips in packing slips (No. of born offspring, offspring status, etc.)
62935 Report for financial institutions DEMETER (FINANCE)                                  Improvement A new tab on the report has data both for receivables and for payables.
62936 Report for financial institutions DEMETER (FINANCE)                                  Improvement In Settings, we added the option to prepare an individual report for a selected number of customers, while combining the others in one entry.
62940 Report for financial institutions DEMETER (FINANCE)                                  Improvement The report now also includes data about the share of receivables/payables of the selected subject considering the total value of receivables/payables.
62969 Warehouse - Authorizations on Settings HERMES (BLAGO)                                     Improvement In the Warehouse register, there are now two separate authorizations:
- Authorization on Warehouse (existing)
- Authorization on Settings in the Warehouse register (new).
63024 Workflow – Open Log on click WorkFlow                                           Improvement In Documentation module | Chat Log, clicking on the field Instance ID opens the Workflow-Log form and displays details.
63217 Authorizations – Show documents with tasks Mnemo (Document Management)                        Improvement We've added an authorization that allows users to see documents where they have tasks with the status 'Finished' or 'Unfinished'.
63365 New OLAP purchase cube measures ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Improvement New measures for stock quantity and stock value were added to OLAP purchase cube. Measures show the quantity and value after all the purchases and sales in a selected period.
63366 Stock quantity and value on OLAP Purchase cube ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Improvement New measures for stock quantity and stock value were added to OLAP purchase cube. Measures show the quantity and value after all the purchases and sales in a selected period.
63386 Cost centers on OLAP purchase cube ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Improvement New dimension for cost centers was added to the OLAP purchase cube and the OLAP purchase report.
63681 Distribution keys DEMETER (FINANCE)                                  Improvement We added new controls to distributions keys to prevent entering lines without value. In such cases in existing entries, a warning message appears.
63688 New report in Summary reports/Collective documents – Differences in Sales Calculation HERMES (BLAGO)                                     Improvement There is a new report in Summary reports menu, in the Collective documents tab, namely 'Differences in Sales Calculation'.
The report shows data about differences, if there are any, between data in Sales calculation on Collective and in connected Internal receiving documents.
Data included on the report: Tax type, Retail Price, Sale Price, Wholesale price 1, Wholesale price 2, Supplier's price, Stock price, and Excise by items in document lines.
63692 New authorization on Transfer documents - Change of the Quantity in the line of documents HERMES (BLAGO)                                     Improvement We added a new authorization for the change of quantity in lines of transfer documents.
If the authorization is None or Read, the data in the Quantity column in the line of a transfer document cannot be changed.
If the authorization is Write or Delete, the data in the Quantity column in the line of the transfer document can be changed.
63716 Posting of fixed assets DEMETER (FINANCE)                                  Improvement Several types of posting are available in the fixed asset header. We added new controls that check entered data in case of using posting '9 – Cost center from FA Location panel according to individual locations'.
63992 Purchase order lines - Two new columns added HERMES (BLAGO)                                     Improvement On the form for creating a Purchase Order from a Sales Order or from stock, two new columns are added to lines:
- Primary classification
- Secondary classification.
Data for these columns is applied from the Primary/Secondary classification for each respective item.
64066 Sales Order Reports - Dispatch Date HERMES (BLAGO)                                     Improvement On the Sales order report, new filters are added: 'Dispatch date from' and 'Dispatch date to'. Dispatch date means the date when the line of order was dispatched, that is added onto an issue document (document, internal document, POS document).
64167 Posting Summary by Accounts without Contra Account HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement We added a new type of posting: Summary by Accounts without details about the Contra Account. It enables an even more concise posting by accounts.
64181 WF – Print multiple files WorkFlow                                           Improvement We added an option to workflows that allows you to print multiple files using the variable [FileName].
64209 Sending by email HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement We added the option to add attachments to emails sending forms. You can now add attachments to annual leave decrees and payroll notices.
64237 Transfer from Acquisition to Fixed assets DEMETER (FINANCE)                                  Improvement At transfer from Acquisition to the Fixed assets register, we added an option to change the status of the fixed asset.
64286 Wizard in Fixed assets inventory DEMETER (FINANCE)                                  Improvement The wizard 'Fill in fixed asset locations from inventory count' now applies not only the new entry but also the date of the return on the previous entry.
64298 Tax no. verification when entering a new subject PANTHEON COMMON                                    Change We have enabled the verification of the length of a new subject's tax number. This feature is now available for all localizations and checks the country prefix of the tax number.
64432 4000034 Evaluation – missing ratings HERA (HRM)                                         Improvement We added an Ares procedure for an easier overview, control and completing of missing evaluation criteria by evaluator. It enables informing the evaluators via email and thus serves as a reminder to complete the task.
64445 DMS – Subject and payment amount Mnemo (Document Management)                        Improvement To-do tasks now show information about the subject and payment amount from the document.
64458 Fixed changing insemination dates when changing animal Pantheon VET                                       Bug We've fixed an issue that caused the insemination date to change to the current date when changing the animal on an existing treatment.
64485 Document splitting Mnemo (Document Management)                        Improvement We've developed a workflow that splits a document into several PDF documents including a split mark.
64607 New skins for Sydney version PANTHEON COMMON                                    Change We uploaded new skins for Sydney version. Skins are enabled on the grid.
64615 Maximum discount Pantheon VET                                       Improvement We've implemented the option to set a maximum discount value on items. If a maximum discount has been set for an item and you enter a discount value higher than that in the treatment, the program will warn you and give you the option to change the discount to the maximum discount set for the item.
64616 Formula on item Pantheon VET                                       Improvement We enabled the use of formula on treatment. If the item has a formula, the data on price calculation is also used on treatment in accordance with the formula content.
64618 Documentation overview for animal owners Pantheon VET                                       Improvement We have added a documentation button that opens the documentation window in the subjects register.
64625 Select default financial report on Consolidation DEMETER (FINANCE)                                  Improvement In the Document types register, on Consolidation document, we added an option to select the default financial report.
64638 Hierarchies of primary and secondary categories ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Improvement The hierarchy of primary and secondary categories is included on the OLAP sales cube. Depending on the number of levels set in the Administration panel, the user can see the hierarchical structure of categories after processing on the cube, as set on categories.
64671 JSON and XML parsing features PANTHEON COMMON                                    Improvement Exchange settings now recognize JSON arrays. All header node settings can include a condition with specific value in the node.
64678 Change in list of items in ARES DL CHECK Pantheon VET                                       Datalab internal In ARES DL CHECK, we removed the items of type services and packages from the list of items.
64679 Treatment history Pantheon VET                                       Improvement Treatment history now includes records for the last two months, regardless of how many treatments there were.
64683 Changing animals now only possible in Items Pantheon VET                                       Improvement In the mobile app, we disabled the option to change, add, and delete animals in all tabs except in the Items tab.
64684 Added option to calculate time on duty Pantheon VET                                       Improvement Mobile version VET now enables calculating time on duty. Time on duty is calculated for items of the item type Services.
64689 Improvements on SMS Pantheon VET                                       Improvement Text messages will now be sent only when you click the Send SMS button or Refresh.
64705 Changes in subject search Pantheon VET                                       Bug In the mobile app, we changed the subject search function not to include inactive subjects. In addition, we added a search icon (magnifying glass) to the list of customers when returning from the list of animals.
64710 DMS – Drag & Drop on integrated forms PANTHEON COMMON                                    Improvement When a document is dropped onto an integrated form (e.g. an invoice), the newly added document is linked to documentation.
64712 Packing slip printing Pantheon VET                                       Bug We fixed a bug that caused an empty page to be printed when there was an insemination line item in the treatment.
64740 Warning about mandatory signature of owner on Treatment Pantheon VET                                       Improvement From version onwards, the Performed treatments reports include a note that a signature of the animal owner is mandatory. This text is only visible in preview mode, if the data is entered on the Vaccination tab and/or the Withdrawal tab. However, this note will not be printed out on Performed treatments. It only serves as a warning, but a missing signature will not cause any errors.
64741 New option to add links and conversion to QR code Pantheon VET                                       Improvement We added an option to enter a URL for the selected animal in the General tab in the Owner/Animal entry form. In addition, we added a button which converts and prints out the URL as a QR code.
64742 Settings for Shelter in the Administration Panel Pantheon VET                                       Improvement We added a toggle button in the Administration panel to indicate that the database is intended for shelters. If this option is enabled, the tabs and other features only used for shelters will be visible.
64775 Structure of Current stock – All Periods HERMES (BLAGO)                                     Improvement At the end of 2D3 report, we added a field 'All Periods' that shows the total quantity of all added periods.
64837 Search option for Cost Center in document line HERMES (BLAGO)                                     Improvement In lines of the Order/Goods/Transfer documents in the Cost Center column, we added an option to search Cost centers. You can search cost centers by code or by name.
64848 Faster entry of eDocuments Mnemo (Document Management)                        Improvement We improved the operation of form for entering eDocuments. We also added a preview of documents from the document system.
64859 Custom text fields included in search Pantheon VET                                       Improvement Because we added custom fields to information about animals, we have now enabled searching in those fields. However, you can only search in custom text fields and not in fields with numbers or dates.
64864 Insemination slip availability bug Pantheon VET                                       Bug We fixed a bug that caused insemination slips to be available after re-logging into the mobile application after having used up all of them. The program now shows a warning that there aren't any insemination slips available.
64882 Workflow – Send message to multiple users WorkFlow                                           Improvement We added a feature that allows you to send messages to multiple users.
64900 Corrected data display in Treatment report for single treatment Pantheon VET                                       Bug We corrected errors in displaying data about the quantity of issued material in Performed treatments report in Single treatment, so the data now shown is correct.
  • PANTHEON X version has been released!

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