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PANTHEON X version has been released!

News by modules:

Remark Title Module Type News Lang BuildNo
64936 Moving between documents Pantheon VET                                       Bug We fixed the error at displaying documents when moving between treatments (by items/by packages). Data is now displayed according to the 'Calculate by' settings. ALL 1002510
64968 Extended hierarchy fields in XMLa structure ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Bug We fixed an error at OLAP cube processing if the combination of category code and name was too long. ALL 1002510
65011 Program start without authorizations for tasks PANTHEON COMMON                                    Bug We fixed an error at program start with zero rights over the tasks form. ALL 1002510
64950 Repeat insemination Pantheon VET                                       Improvement The Repeat insemination certificate field is limited to 9 characters. ALL 1002510
65017 Improved user interface 'Use in Assemblies' HEFAIST (Proizvodnja)                              Improvement We added a nested structure view of assembly components to the 'Use in Assemblies' interface. ALL 1002510
64916 Fill subject when sending report to DMS module PANTHEON COMMON                                    Change When sending a report to DMS module, the Subject is automatically applied from the header of the report. If no subject is selected, Our Company is used. ALL 1002510
64969 Adding users for different collations PANTHEON COMMON                                    Change We've enabled the option to add users when the "_PADMS" database has a different collation from the original database and the SQL server. ALL 1002510
  • PANTHEON X version has been released!

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