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PANTHEON X version has been released!

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DEMETER (Financials)                                  Register with ESEF taxonomy for XBLR reports Improvement To create an XBLR report, you need a specific register with ESEF taxonomy that can be found on our web servers. The register contains a few thousand entries and the download process may take a while, so we added a message to notify the user about the lengthy procedure. To avoid unwanted waiting and bad mood due to accidental clicking, the user now has to confirm the procedure in the action message.
DEMETER (Financials)                                  Posting of issued documents Change As it was not foreseen in the program to use a foreign currency in the header of a Receiving/Issuing document and distribution keys in document lines, in some cases, the document could not be posted. Besides fixing this error and enhancing the procedure in Goods, we have also remodeled the procedure for posting issued invoices for such cases.
DEMETER (Financials)                                  Wizard on fixed assets Change In case of some postings in depreciation report, the date of return in the 'Movement' tab is needed if the fixed asset has been moved. Wizards for inventory count already consider this. Now we have added a new wizard on fixed assets 100003O that enables a later filling in of date of return if it has been left out for some reason.
DEMETER (Financials)                                  Dates prepared until 2049 Change At the time of program creation, some key dates for posting were prepared to year 2025. As some users already want to post for the period after this date (Accruals and Deferrals), we prepared dates until the year 2049.
HERMES (Goods)                                     Connection of PANTHEON with Shopamine Improvement When connecting PANTHEON and Shopamine webshop for the B2B model, contract prices are also included.
HERMES (Goods)                                     Recurring invoicing – Default payment method from Document type settings Change If a default payment method is defined for a document type in the Document types register, the default is applied in recurring invoicing when creating documents from that document type.
HERMES (Goods)                                     Remote sales Change We included credit notes from the current period in remote sales reports.
PANTHEON COMMON                                    No VAT Code for Our Company Bug We corrected the opening of certain menus (Installation, Backup) in the Administration panel when VAT code for Our Company is not entered.
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Subject type: copying contract prices fields: 'Discount 2', 'Discount 3' and 'VAT Code' Bug We fixed an error at copying contract prices on a subject type. Now the fields 'Discount 2', 'Discount 3' and 'VAT Code' are also copied.
PANTHEON VET                                       ARES – DLCHECK Datalab internal For the user ARES we created a new criterion that checks the Goods Period End and shows only data from that date onwards.
PANTHEON VET                                       Relieving items in packages not tracked by serial numbers Bug We fixed an error with relieving items that are part of a package and are not tracked by serial numbers.
PANTHEON VET                                       Data update via VOLOS Bug We fixed an error that caused the first insemination date to be displayed incorrectly if you manually entered an animal's ID as 'siXXXXXX' and then used VOLOS to update the data to 'SIXXXXXX'.
PANTHEON VET                                       Data about dispatch when adding orders to group treatment Improvement We fixed an error that missed to show data about dispatch when an order was added to a group treatment. Now the data is also visible on the order in the 'Dispatch' column.
PANTHEON VET                                       Minimum margin Improvement We enabled that data about Minimum margin set on an item is included on treatment.
PANTHEON VET                                       ARES for vaccine type 11 – Rabisin Boehinger Improvement We developed a temporary ARES so that customers can use this vaccine even before upgrading to version 25.10.
ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Captions added to checkboxes Improvement With this improvement, we added a name to checkboxes on ZEUS report which explain the purpose of the individual checkbox.
  • PANTHEON X version has been released!

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