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PANTHEON X version has been released!
News by modules: 
Module Title Type News
DEMETER (Financials)                                  General Journal Improvement In the new version, we speeded up generating the reports of General Journal.
DEMETER (Financials)                                  Saving templates on the account card Bug We fixed an error at saving templates on the account card that appeared in case of filtering with the use of special characters.
DEMETER (Financials)                                  Creating payment orders from outstanding items Change When creating payment orders from outstanding items, we changed the filling-in of reference depending on the selected settings in this window.
HERA (HRM)                                         Calendar refactoring – Fast upgrade 1410 Change We speeded up the operation of absence overview – now the program only checks data for a specific employee and not the entire overview for all employees.
Mnemo (Document Management)                        DMS – Status field set as lookup-type Change The 'Status' field on the DMS form is changed to a lookup-type field. Multiple selection is now also possible.
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Authorizations: Copying user to other database Bug We fixed an error at copying user permissions to other database.
PANTHEON COMMON                                    ARES – Copying components Bug We fixed an error at copying components.
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Authorizations: new permission added for accessing linked databases Change We added a new permission to Authorizations: the new entity is named: "Access to all databases". Access to linked databases can now be restricted to users.
PANTHEON VET                                       Shelters – Billing daily care Improvement The program now automatically calculates the billing for daily care from the date of arrival day.
PANTHEON VET                                       Shelter – 'Care' tab Improvement In 'Shelter', we added a new tab: 'Care'.
PANTHEON VET                                       Animal check-up Improvement In 'Shelter'. we added a new tab: 'Check-up', where you can enter the clinic examination of an animal. We also added an option that such a check-up is not billed.
PANTHEON VET                                       Shelter – Billing daily care Improvement Apart from regular daily care in Shelter, we enabled the option to bill the care that is not part of the regular daily care.
PANTHEON VET                                       Shelter – Billing treatment Improvement In 'Shelter', we added a new tab: 'Treatment', where you can find a list of all treatments for individual animals. You can use this for billing treatments, besides the daily care, to the municipality where the animal was found.
PANTHEON VET                                       Shelter – Wizard for billing Improvement For billing the care to the municipality, we prepared a new wizard: 'Shelter billing', where you can find a list of all animals for which you have to bill the care for the current month.
PANTHEON VET                                       Adding a new animal while entering a new appointment Improvement When adding a new appointment in Reception, we enabled adding a new animal without having to close the appointment window.
PANTHEON VET                                       Right-click on Reception Improvement When right-clicking in Reception to add an appointment, the program will automatically enter the date and time, regardless if you clicked on a date before or not.
PANTHEON VET                                       Shelter – Date of birth not mandatory for dogs Improvement If the Administration Panel indicates that you have a Shelter and you enter a new animal with Dog category, the date of birth is no longer mandatory date. This data is entered by the shelter later, when they perform a clinical examination.
PANTHEON VET                                       Shelter – 'Date found' at 'Arrival' Improvement When entering an animal's arrival to shelter, we added a field for the date when the animal was found.
PANTHEON VET                                       Deleting appointments in the new 'Reception' Improvement In the renewed 'Reception' module, we enabled deleting appointments before they are saved into the calendar.
PANTHEON VET                                       Shelter – 'Date found' on the list of animal arrivals Improvement We added a new column to the list of animal arrivals to shelter: 'Date found'.
PANTHEON VET                                       Reception calendar – 'Procedure consent form' added to the right-click menu Improvement To the right-click menu on an already-entered appointment in reception calendar, we added the option 'Procedure consent form'.
PANTHEON VET                                       Creating an appointment when filtered by branches. Bug We fixed an error when adding an appointment with an enabled filter by branches.
PANTHEON VET                                       Shelter – Checkbox for 'Litter' Improvement We added a new checkbox 'Litter' to the form for Arrival to Shelter, when the found animal is part of a litter.
  • PANTHEON X version has been released!

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