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PANTHEON X version has been released!
News by modules: 
Module Title Type News Loc. Remark
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Displaying PANTHEON User session Change We corrected displaying of all user sessions and enabled to kill sessions (Administration panel | Settings | Versions/Upgrades | Installation | Licences TAB). ALL 63373
Pantheon VET                                       Changing the Central Pet Register abbreviation Change The abbreviation CRP has been changed to Central Pet Register in all places. ALL 65271
Pantheon VET                                       Data on 'Color' added for other animals to 'Owners'/'Animals' Improvement On forms 'Owners' and 'Animals' to the data about animals in the tab, we added the field 'Color', where you can enter the animal's color. ALL 65428
Pantheon VET                                       Double-clicking on treatment number from 6VR report opens that treatment Improvement On report 6VR, we enabled that double-clicking on the number of a treatment opens that treatment. ALL 65826
Pantheon VET                                       Opening reports on Invoice Doc. Type on buttons 'Invoice' and 'Packing slip'  Improvement On issuing document types, we arrange the opening of correct reports on buttons 'Invoice' and 'Packing slip'. ALL 65942
Pantheon VET                                       Treatments by date on the 6VC report Improvement On the 6VC report, we have arranged that treatments are displayed and sorted by date. ALL 66058
Pantheon VET                                       Adding templates with enabled filtering by branch Bug When filtering by branch, we arranged that the the list of templates on appointment is displayed correctly. ALL 66144
  • PANTHEON X version has been released!

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