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PANTHEON COMMON                                    Authorizations for 'Show employees' and 'Employees' Bug We corrected an issue when inserting a new subject into the Subjects register with limited authorizations for 'Show employees' and 'Employees' (authorizations Write, Read or None). After entering Subject primary key, you can now immediately insert all data, including the Postal code, etc.
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Report editing optimizations Change We corrected the aligning of changes when editing reports.
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Corrected check of subject VAT number Change We corrected the process of inserting a new subject and checking its VAT number.
PANTHEON Farmer                                    Arranging records for agri-environment-climate payments Improvement On reports for agri-environment-climate payments, we added two pieces of data: data on selected measures for the years 2021 and 2022.
PANTHEON Farmer                                    New user message and other improvements Change In this version of PANTHEON Farmer, we added a new, more coherent user message about resource and licenses availability. We also added some controls for selecting and changing the crop area on Farming work orders.
PANTHEON VET                                       Copying reports – Medical record Bug We fixed the error at copying Medical records reports that showed data on the copy even after PANTHEON was closed.
PANTHEON VET                                       Creating invoices from package Bug We fixed the error at creating invoices from treatment with billing by package.
PANTHEON VET                                       Mandatory fields on Subject and on Animal Improvement In the Administration Panel, settings for veterinarians, we added the option to select mandatory fields on Animal owner and on Animal.
PANTHEON VET                                       Deleting branch enabled Improvement In settings for veterinarians, we enabled deleting individual branch offices.
PANTHEON VET                                       Shortcut for Reception Improvement We added an icon to Reception that can be used as a shortcut for opening this module.
PANTHEON VET                                       Instructions about items on reports Change Instructions from item are only written on reports in case the item has a checked option "Print tech. procedure on documents".
PANTHEON VET                                       Parasitological examination – 'Sample received by' drop-down menu Change In Parasitological examination, we linked the 'Sample received by' drop-down menu with employees, since any employee can receive a sample.
  • PANTHEON X version has been released!

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