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HEFAIST (Manufacturing) Issuing and receiving scrap by serial number Improvement For the Manufacturing (MF) license, we enabled the issuing and reception of scrap by serial number. If scrap is tracked by serial number, you can receive it to the desired warehouse with the desired serial number when creating a work order. This simplifies the further use of scrap in the manufacturing process.
HEFAIST (Manufacturing) Button for viewing the details of cost estimation Improvement We added a button to view the details of cost estimation, which were added to the history of cost estimation.
HEFAIST (Manufacturing) Deleting documents linked to a work order Improvement When you delete documents linked to a work order, the quantities are now reset to their default values.
HEFAIST (Manufacturing) PANTHEON web services – a quick and effective access to PANTHEON data Datalab internal Using web services, PANTHEON users can quickly and effectively establish connections between various dispersed systems and exchange their business logic within and outside the company.
For this purpose, we compiled a catalog of web services containing all documentation required. Here, users can test services and prepare desired data in the JSON format.
Users can prepare desired register data, such as Items, Subjects, etc. or transaction data from work orders, orders, invoices for initial filling or only required data.
Using web services, users can also run specific procedures.
HEFAIST (Manufacturing) Mass issuing and reception Change For manufacturing, we enabled mass issuing and reception also for work orders containing materials or products tracked by serial number. Due to PANTHEON connections with various external services or features within PANTHEON, we added this feature to reduce system workload and enable smooth work in PANTHEON.

If you want to perform a mass issue for products tracked by serial number, the reception must be linked to the corresponding serial number:
• Enter #lhf_WOExProd. anProductId in the field tHF_WOExSerialNo. anMultiRecID to tell the program which serial number corresponds to which reception.

A similar principle applies to the issue:
• If serial numbers are assigned using the procedure [dbo].[pHF_WOSerialNoAutoIssue], no changes are required.
• If serial numbers are assigned manually, then you need to enter the field #lhf_WOExMate. anMateID in the issue field tHF_WOExItemSerialNo. anMultiIssueId to link the issue with serial numbers.
HEFAIST (Manufacturing) Enlarged field acNote in table Thf_woex Change The field for Notes (acNote) in table Thf_woex was enlarged to the maximum possible number of characters – nvarchar(MAX).
HEFAIST (Manufacturing) Custom call added to phf_scholGatherCreateWOfrmFMT Improvement We added a call of a custom procedure PHF_SchdGatherCreateWOfrmFMTCustom in the store procedure phf_scholGatherCreateWOfrmFMT.
HEFAIST (Manufacturing) Closing the production period Improvement Closing the production period enables you to close the selected work orders that have not been closed yet. If any quantity remains open, a new work order linked to the source work order is automatically created.
HEFAIST (Manufacturing) 'Resource type' and ''Sub-contractor' added: Basic BOM | Operations | Resources Improvement In the Operations menu on Basic BOM, we added information on resource type and sub-contractor.
HERA (HRM)                                         Trips – Position of employment Improvement The data on the position and department on the travel order are filled based on the date of its creation and the position active in that period, and not based on the last active position. It is also possible to create a travel order for an inactive employee if it is created for the period in which the employee worked/was active.
Mnemo (Document Management)                        DMS – Store Document Viewer Watermark Parameters Improvement Watermark parameters are now automatically stored.
Mnemo (Document Management)                        ToDo: New report – Tasks per users Improvement We prepared a new report '0W5' for displaying all tasks per users. The report is located on the ToDo form.
Mnemo (Document Management)                        ToDo: new report 0W7 – the duration of a specific task performed by the user Improvement We prepared a new report (0W7) to show how long a user has been performing a task.
Mnemo (Document Management)                        Report for overdue tasks Improvement We prepared a new report (0W6) to show all tasks that have passed the DateDue deadline.
Mnemo (Document Management)                        DMS – Storage Access Notifications Improvement We added notifications to inform the users of an unsuccessful connection or file retrieval.
PANTHEON COMMON                                    FastReport – Print Design: saving changes in code and closing form Change We corrected the way changes are saved in Code tab and closing form.
PANTHEON COMMON                                    DMS Scan form – Moving Files After Import Improvement Files imported using a scan form can be moved to a specific folder after the import is finished.
PANTHEON COMMON                                    ARES import from Excel – Issues with the .XLS format Change New message opens when .XLS format is used: Invalid file version or file format. User must save file as newer excel format .XLSX in order ARES import can recognise the file.
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Exporting Subjects and Items to Excel Change In an exported Excel file, the first row was expanded. We corrected this and shrunk the first row in Excel.
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Exporting grids from PANTHEON to Excel .xlsx format Improvement We added an option to export a grid from PANTHEON to an Excel .xlsx format (.xls is also supported).
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Items – Deletion of Contract prices for Subjects and Subject categories Improvement When deleting an Item from database, it will also delete 'Contract prices for Subjects and Subject categories' register.
PANTHEON COMMON                                    Authorizations: setting permission for DMS statuses Bug We fixed the setting of permission for DMS statuses.
PANTHEON VET                                       Payment Limit Warning on the Treatment Improvement If the Subject is entered on the Treatment and a limit applies for the Subject, a warning will appear when the limit is exceeded.
PANTHEON VET                                       PANTHEON Vet integration with ZOETIS Improvement We prepared PANTHEON Vet integration with ZOETIS. Using the FUSE interface, you can now send an analysis order from PANTHEON Vet to VETSCAN instruments. The results are then returned to PANTHEON Vet.
PANTHEON VET                                       Cost centers in PANTHEON Vet Improvement We added the option to enter cost centers on the Treatment. Cost centers can be entered on the Owner tab or on an individual line when an item is entered.
PANTHEON VET                                       ZOETIS – transfer to DMS Improvement The analysis received to PANTHEON Vet from VETSCAN instruments via the FUSE interface can be saved to the document system.
PANTHEON VET                                       ZOETIS – creating an analysis order on the Treatment Improvement You can create an analysis order directly from the Treatment. From the wizard, select ZOETIS. The program opens a mask for order entry and all you need to do is to select the analysis type.
PANTHEON VET                                       Shelter – Animal numbering Change We corrected animal numbering from a 10-digit to an 8-digit number. The correction only applies to Shelters.
PANTHEON VET                                       Cost center filter added to the Treatment cost Improvement Since we added cost centers to the Veterinarian module, we also had to add the Cost Center filter to the Treatment cost. Users can now use this filter to customize their reports.
PANTHEON VET                                       Shelter – Status change upon animal departure Improvement When an animal leaves the Shelter, you need to change its status. If the animal is adopted or given away, change its status to 'Inactive'. If the animal dies or is put to sleep, change its status to 'Dead'.
PANTHEON VET                                       Animal color Improvement We added a color register to the field Color. If you double-click the field, the color register opens and you can select the desired animal color. In the drop-down list, you will find a set of most frequently selected colors.
PANTHEON VET                                       Added fields to the Cats tab Improvement On the Cats tab, on the Animal owner, we added new fields: Chip No., Date of Chipping, Date of Passport Issuing and Hair lenght.
PANTHEON VET                                       Shelters – added time of arrival and time of finding the animal Improvement Apart from the date, we also added the time of arrival to shelter and the time of finding the animal.
PANTHEON VET                                       Data about cats on 6VM report Improvement We added new fields onto the Cats tab on Animal Owner. These fields are also added on the 6VM report.
PANTHEON VET                                       Data about Cost Centers on reports Improvement As reports can be filtered by cost centers, we added the data about cost centers to report headers.
PANTHEON VET                                       Opening 6VC report even without data on the Treatment tab Bug The 6VC report now opens even if there is no data on the Treatment tab on the Treatment document and if the fields are empty.
WorkFlow                                           WF – Integrations on buttons Improvement We arranged that it is possible to integrate workflows to buttons on any form.
ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     ZE Dash – Add OLAP PivotGrid to Dashboard Improvement We returned an option to add an OLAP analysis to the dashboard. You can again add a template of OLAP analysis to the dashboard as an OLAP dashboard element.
ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Changed formulas on financial planning visibly marked Improvement This improvement colors the lines on financial planning if the formula is different from the original one, imported from the financial report. This enables the user to recognize any changes, made on plan formulas.
ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     FXRate field change Change In the pZE_BalancePrint procedure, the FXRate field was changed from decimal (13.6) to float. This change will improve the calculation of currency.
ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Ad-hoc analysis as dashboard element Improvement We added ad-hoc analyses to dashboards. You can now add a template of an ad-hoc analysis as a dashboard template to the selected dashboard with editable data area and graph.
ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     ZEUS reports with DREP Bug ZEUS reporting system enables users to use different PANTHEON report templates. In previous PANTHEON versions, templates from the Order report were not working properly. In version 27.00, we fixed the error that stated missing criteria upon reopening a report or creating a DREP task. All templates in ZEUS reports now work normally.
ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Enabling footer on table dashboard element Improvement With this remark, we added a footer to table dashboard elements with the possibility to calculate the sum for each numerical column.
ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Change in OLAP views Change Due to a change in the procedure for calculating currency, we had to make some changes to ZEUS views to ensure that data is shown and calculated correctly.
ZEUS (BI, MIS)                                     Foreign currency on plan Improvement We reviewed and adapted the calculation of plans in the foreign currency. We also added calculations for payroll.
  • PANTHEON X version has been released!

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