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 No formula defined!
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 Opening or closing round bracket missing!
 Debugging Formulas
[Expand]Testing and Debugging Formulas
 Opening or closing square bracket missing!
 Conditional statement at position x not enclosed in square brackets!
 Syntax error in conditional statement. Correct syntax is [condition:value]
 Adjacent operators (xx)!
 Last character of the formula is an operator!
 Variable not enclosed in hashes (#)!
 Illegal characters: xyz
 Unknown error!
[Expand]User Manual for Datalab PANTHEON Farming
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 Adjacent hashes!
 The line number must be an integer (#xx#)!
 The first character of #xx# must be a transaction type or a column mark!
 The first character of #xx# must be an operation type (R, S, O or A)!
 The second character of #xx# must be a transaction type (D, K, S, P, or O)!
 Variable not defined
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